25 Free Online Business Promotion Strategies

Do you believe, like many others, that “nothing good comes for free?” This notion may be true in certain cases, but not when it comes to free promotion for your online business.

Customers are necessary for the survival and success of your firm. You must effectively and strategically market your company to attract customers. Businesses have traditionally utilised flyers, brochures, and postcards to advertise their operations, but there are now countless other options available.

Thanks to the Internet and the free business promotion websites that support you in promoting your company without costing you anything, you now have a wide range of possibilities.

Let’s quickly review a few tools that can assist you in building brand recognition without cost:

Google My Business

One of the key areas to advertise your business online is through the free local advertising they offer. There is a real listing for it in Google’s search results, as well as on Google Maps. The main advantage of having a listing here is the possibility of getting discovered by the daily average of about 8 billion searches.

The best aspect is that you may register your phone number and actual location with the Smartphone app so that consumers can quickly contact you. Google My Business can help you improve your SEO, educate potential consumers about your company, and produce quality search results.


Always be cautious of the content you share on Twitter is a key tip to keep in mind. It is ideal for setting an individual as a confident leader since it is appealing and has a large user base. Twitter has grown significantly over the past couple of years, so you shouldn’t disregard it for company promotion.

There are many celebrities, businesspeople, politicians, and college students using Twitter. As a result, if you put an advertisement here and people like your company, you’ll get popularity, followers, and retweets. Twitter has around 350 million active users, so you have a large audience to which you may reach out.

Bing Places For Business

The Microsoft-powered Bing counterpart of Google’s local business listing is this free company advertising tool. It allows you to add multiple company locations, photographs, videos, and other media.

The distinctive feature of this platform is that it leads you to a different area of the internet-based market and is less popular than Google, making it simpler for your company to rank higher in the search results and stand out. It’s also quite easy to set up an account with them; all you have to do is establish your profile and confirm your organisation. You may start marketing your company when this is finished.


It is among the greatest strategies to advertise your company online without spending any money. On YouTube, you may quickly market your material and get a significant amount of attention, but you must think carefully about how to do it differently. You may make films on your goods and services that are linked to how-to because over half of YouTube searches are for “how-to.” Include a link to your website or an email address in the descriptions so that readers who are interested may get in touch with you.

You can see the potential this platform has given that more than 1.3 billion people use it every day and that 5 billion videos are watched there each day. Don’t disregard this platform for marketing your company because it might bring you a lot of clients.


The reality is that practically every reputable and professional company has a page on LinkedIn. You may start a blog on this platform, which will let you integrate blogging into your LinkedIn presence which is geared at business-to-business transactions. More than 500 million people are members of it.

People may use LinkedIn as a platform to look for employment, suppliers, and relationships. It may be among the finest free methods for marketing your company because it may put you in touch with potential customers and partners.

It is advised that you try LinkedIn Pro finder if you are a freelancer. Start with the free edition at first; if you enjoy the services, you may upgrade. Additionally, it assists in obtaining leads from businesses looking to recruit independent contractors.


The question-and-answer website Quora must have been mentioned to you frequently. It is a forum-style platform that may help you and your company become noticed. To build recognition for your name and business, you need to reach out to this enormous and diverse audience.

The Quora community may discourage overt advertising; as a result, you would need to establish a strong network and trustworthiness in order to promote particular sorts of online businesses in the long run. Keep in mind that throwing links into the chat is not permitted and creates a negative image while marketing your product on Quora.


It’s a news aggregation website, therefore getting your material on the first page may be difficult because the stories included there often originate from reputable news sources. It operates on a system of voting; for instance, people can vote for content if they like it, and vice versa. As a result, the ranking is swiftly changed.

Successful blogs run by organisations can share their pieces on Digg to attract outside attention. Given that this platform is used by millions of users, it is advised that you take a chance and try promoting your items here. However, create a strong content marketing plan first since it will help your material gain more attention before you start dumping links on Digg.

Town Planner

It is among the most cost-free methods for marketing your company, particularly in little towns and localities. It acts as a thorough calendar for occasions, breaking news, occasions, and all other kinds of promotions. Every community may not have access to this platform. However, if your company is connected to the one that utilises it, this platform might be a fantastic tool for information sharing and online business promotion.

Merchant Circle

Another free network – MerchantCircle focuses on connecting local small companies with clients and other nearby small businesses. If you want to promote locally, this is a terrific option. Given that it has more than two million small business partners and more than 100 million potential customers, you shouldn’t pass up this opportunity to market your company.

MerchantCircle enhances your listings, publishes company blogs, and offers numerous free marketing tools like digital footprint development, SEO support, etc. to aid in the growth of your company. Additionally, you may register your online business there to make the most of the platform.

Yellow Pages

It’s a well-organized version of the Yellow Pages, much like the ones your grandparents used to go through to locate what they wanted. A few years ago, the most prestigious online business directory was Yellow Page, a reputable organisation.

You may create a free listing on them, and they also offer premium choices if you want to grow or choose more sophisticated features. You’d be shocked to learn that Yellow Pages receives more than 70 million views each year for all of its connected listings. All you have to do to place an ad is to complete their straightforward registration process.


Who hasn’t heard of this platform? One of the finest ways to promote your company and receive a positive reaction is through this platform. You may simply accomplish this by making promotional offers or new service banners for your Facebook cover photo or profile image.

Numerous tools are available on Facebook for marketing posts and websites. Make sure to choose the appropriate category for your firm when you establish a Facebook online business page and be sure to fill out all the essential fields, notably the “About” section. It gives it a knowledgeable, polished appearance. If the free version proves to be successful, you can go on to the commercial versions.

Mapquest / Yext

Mapquest and Yext have joined to enhance their offerings, which now include adding your business’s address, phone number, and location. You might not be aware that, prior to the creation of Google Maps, Mapquest served as the platform that assisted users with mapping.

Its features are comparable to those of Google Maps, but the main distinction is that they place more emphasis on exploration than on getting instructions. Since so many people use Mapquest and it still appears on Google Maps, it’s a great place to include your website.


Another popular network among young people, you cannot afford to skip out on advertising here because you may reach millions of prospective consumers and clients. Instagram has an app for iOS, Windows, and Android, and you can use it to share photos, videos, and music.

Through Instagram, you have the opportunity to interact with more than 1 billion people, and it is the ideal platform for letting people know what you do and what you have to offer. Although it might not work for every sort of online business, it is nevertheless advised to have a presence on Instagram because it will dominate the industry in the years to come.


This platform is ideally suited for establishments like pubs, restaurants, spas, hotels, and other similar ones. They collaborate with a number of well-known companies, including Expedia, MerchantCircle, and Urbanspoon. You may access the listings via their app, which they also have.

The excellent thing about this site is that it has created a list of companies that people look for more frequently. These companies are included under the tab “best of” lists and fall into 20 different categories. You would need to register your company and location in order to begin using Citysearch. You may then place an ad there after completing the registration process.

Apple Maps

This website is fantastic for free online business promotion. It is comparable to Google Maps and might become a significant rival in the future. All iOS devices come with Apple Maps pre-installed, and according to sources, it receives more than 5 billion inquiries per week. This implies that you are losing out on a lot of potential visitors if you do not advertise your goods here.

Promoting here entails capturing a portion of the market for Apple users. You may develop a plan for how to push it more effectively so that more people notice your advertisement and get in touch with you. If you wish to list your company on Apple Maps, you must have a free Apple ID.


Utilising internet resources like Google Ads and SEO, it connects small companies with their potential customers. Manta is a small company directory and an ideal location to market your online business, especially if you are a small online business in America.

There are no better directories than this one, and since it receives millions of unique visits each month, advertising here may be effective if done correctly. People enjoy utilising it since Manta provides online businesses with specific industry classification that facilitates website navigation.


Similar to YouTube and Dailymotion, it acts as a platform for the development and exchange of video content. Given that their primary focus is on monetizing video goods, you may utilise this platform to increase the popularity of your company and website. Brands continue to utilise Vimeo since it was the first platform to enable HD videos, which gave it such fame.

On Vimeo, you can advertise for free, but employing the monetization tools is paid, so you may pick them according to your company’s needs. Additionally, you may perform a variety of tasks on Vimeo, like producing teasers, business presentations, product demos, and other activities.


When it comes to listing, it is similar to YellowPages in some ways, but one of the biggest distinctions is that it also includes customer reviews and a number of sophisticated features for users who choose to upgrade to the paid edition. The good news is that their signup process is pretty straightforward, so you can immediately sign up with them.

Signing up would take less than a minute thanks to connections they’ve made with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and Windows Live. Once you register, you can begin creating your listing.

Angie’s List

You may find names and evaluations of companies that engage in contracting in this list as well. It is a beautiful review site with thorough reviews available online. Angie’s List is a well-known nationwide marketplace for highly-rated online businesses.

More than 3 million users who recruit, evaluate, study, and review regional service providers make up this community. So, if you’re serious about expanding your company, signing up for Angie’s List should be your first priority.


This is a fantastic website since it makes it easy to publish and manage your company listings, and visitors can easily explore the business listings. You may put your company there in addition to the weather and lottery listings.

Users choose Superpages because it is simple to join up and has a quick Facebook sign-in option that just requires a minute of signup. You may place your ad there as soon as you check in and watch as your popularity soars.


The greatest way to advertise your restaurant or other online business is using this app, but you would need to lately visit the website to see what people are saying about your company. The consumer reviews would need to be managed carefully, addressed, and worked on.

Yelp is fantastic for customers and companies since it provides honest customer evaluations; using this platform may make or ruin your online business. You may increase your popularity and brand recognition if you handle the reviews carefully. You may always ask your current clients to review and comment on your service on Yelp as it might be very beneficial to you.


It is among the most cost-free strategies for marketing your company, especially if it deals with hospitality. If you are not listed on TripAdvisor, many people will assume you don’t exist. This is a great resource for travellers to find hotels, give feedback on the offerings, and share recommendations.

Therefore, if you want to raise brand awareness, you need to register here. Before travelling to a new location, many people examine TripAdvisor and its bargains. People use our site because they may find fantastic discounts and top-notch services from restaurants, hotels, and other online businesses here.


According to Hotfrog, more than 2.7 million users send over 430,000 enquiries to companies each month. In order to increase the visibility of your company in Google search results, it would be excellent if you did not skip advertising your items on this platform.

They provide their users with a wide range of choices, including discounts, special offers, and countless other marketing techniques that may assist draw clients’ attention to your distinctive listings. It functions similarly to other platforms that have been covered and are best suited for advertising items in the United States.


This platform formerly ranked among the social media sensations. Even if it has somewhat calmed down during the last few hours, there are still millions of users on it. Foursquare is attacked by business directories and social media sites. Users may check in using their maps, and it provides comments and ratings about your company on both the app and the desktop.

You’d be surprised to learn that they have over 60 million registered members and 50 million monthly active users. As a result, it is an excellent software for local search, allowing users to locate numerous commercial premises.


Many small companies have prospered by using Pinterest to promote their goods. Thus, the platform is most appropriate for industries like fashion, jewellery, and businesses that focus on design, recipes, crafts, etc. Pinterest, which gathers visual elements of multimedia, mostly photos, is sometimes compared to an online corkboard.

This widely utilised site allows you to create several boards on which you may pin your images and promote your online business. Therefore, it is an excellent social network to advertise any business, but you need to concentrate more of your marketing efforts on creating eye-catching images to go with your blog posts.