Prajakta Koli (MostlySane) – A Rollercoaster Ride: RJ to India’s Biggest Female Youtuber

Name: Prajakta Koli (MostlySane)

D.O.B: 27th June 1993

Niche: Youtuber, Influencer

Location: India

Industry: Creators, Influencers

The Thane girl seems to have reached the zenith of success. She belongs to the first generation of Youtubers to have global recognition and now Youtube being her full-fledged profession. She took the internet by storm with her creative content and went viral in June 2015.

That was the beginning of the journey from which she never had to look back.

How Did Prajakta Become Mostly Sane?

She grew up in Mumbai amidst a hard-working pair of parents. Growing up, her only dream was to become a radio jockey. She completed her bachelor’s degree in mass media and ended up as an intern for a Radio station.

She worked for a year but wasn’t satisfied with what she thought was her dream. She would make Instagram videos and that’s how she met Sudeep Lahiri from One Digital Entertainment. Sudeep saw potential in her and suggested she make her own Youtube channel.

Uniq Stories - Prajakta Koli (MostlySane)
Source: Prajakta Koli (MostlySane)

The idea sounded vague to her at that time because Youtube was not considered to be a serious career platform. Being hesitant at first, she thought of giving it a try having nothing to lose. That’s how MostlySane came into existence in 2015.

Her debut video gained an unexpected number of 1000 views within a few minutes but it was only after 4 months of seeking validation did her video “10 hilarious words Delhites use” go viral. This made her quit her job as a radio jockey and she became a full-time vlogger.

What Made MostlySane Gain Such A Big Fandom?

The biggest factor about her and her videos is the quotient of relatability. Her ability to address issues of the general masses in humorous dialects is what makes her so famous. She makes our everyday mundane situations into her comic content and we cannot stop relating to her at any point.

She makes funny Instagram videos that are worth the watch. Prajakta has won hearts by doing just anything and looking cool. She promotes self-care and self-love by sharing all she does to keep her skin and body healthy. Even amidst her busy schedule, she finds time to exercise. That itself is a form of self-love every person should perform.

How Does She Use Her Huge Outreach To The Fullest?

With an appeal that she has amidst the people of India and outside, she doesn’t shudder from taking up good causes and initiatives. Her biggest achievement was being invited by the Obama Foundation to attend the town hall meeting in 2017 and raised several social awareness causes. Mostly sane, along with YouTubers all over the world was chosen to create videos promoting tolerance. This video was chosen by the United Nations to be screened in New York.

Uniq Stories - Prajakta Koli (MostlySane)
Source: Prajakta Koli (MostlySane)

She was a part of the #GirlsCount champaign and Safer Internet Programme on Youtube and Instagram. Prajakta received worldwide appreciation for raising her voice against body-shaming and starting a campaign with the name #IPledgeToBeMe. “Shameless” is one of her hit songs that was released on Youtube and addressed all the social notions and judgments that surround a girl’s life. She is a feminist in the true sense!

She is now seen raising awareness concerning the disastrous coronavirus through her Instagram page. It is rare for an influencer to be so concerned about her audience.

Prajakta was also the only Indian among 50 digital creators throughout the world to be a part of Youtube’s Creator of Change initiative.


With her ever-increasing followers, she does not have any plans on quitting Youtube soon. She is one of the representatives of today’s youth who puts forth various issues using her social media handles. Her ability to make the most embarrassing things into humorous tales have us rolling on the floor with laughter.

It is influencers like her who strengthens our faith that the future generation would be tolerating, liberal and just. She seems to make the right use of her fandom and that inspires me to support her more.

Make MostlySane never become sane, for it’s her insanity we are in love with!