Accessorize Yourself With Ayesha Accessories!

Brand: Ayesha Accessories

President: Jacqueline Kapur

Founding Date: 2009

Headquarters: Mangalore, Karnataka

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Ayesha Accessories is indeed a thriving as well as a rapidly developing brand. The brand takes pleasure in bringing the finest of dynamic fashion to all ladies, mothers, children, as well as males in India. Every season, Ayesha is on the cutting edge of trend, bringing you pleasure as well as a whole lot of freshness! After all, Ayesha is yet another shop for exciting and fabulous wardrobe staple necessities. Jacqueline Kapur established the company in 2009. Mangalore in Karnataka serves as the company’s headquarters.

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Through these accessories, the brand hopes to empower its consumers to proudly express themselves. Besides, it also provides cheap and ambitious items for ladies, women, adults, as well as children. The inventory includes earrings, mittens, eyewear, purses, hairpieces, and a plethora of other fantastic necessities. You can now modify your clothing and reflect your inner expression with these accessories. The diverse collection includes unique International and Indian fashions, adorable accessories for the youth, contemporary designs for adults, as well as sophisticated, fashionable accessories for ladies.

Ayesha Accessories creates styles that highlight a woman’s worth as well as her independence, identity, and kindness. As a result of this basic principle, the team has developed a distinct collection dubbed Project Girl Power, which showcases these principles via its designs. Aside from that, the company supports a variety of women’s as well as children’s groups, apart from working with impoverished local women.

Uniq Stories - Ayesha Accessories
Source: Ayesha Accessories


Jacqueline and Ayesha Kapur, the mother and daughter duo, launched Ayesha Accessories in 2009. The Indian fashion industry has long tried to balance traditional Indian sensibilities with the rising presence of international styles and goods. Fashion accessories are a relatively new addition to the formal retail industry. The modern lady needs accoutrements that represent both her Indian background and her global attitude, and that can be worn in several contexts and with a wide range of dress styles.

Ayesha Accessories, founded in Pondicherry, is a unique home-grown business that provides the finest of international design and quality in accoutrements to the Asian market, all with an Indian sensibility. Ayesha was one of the first businesses to shift fashion accessories from market stalls to selected assortments in upscale boutiques and clothing stores while keeping the same minimal costs. Today, the name Ayesha is acknowledged by many young women throughout India, and it is the only Indian brand in the designer fashion industry that provides continental, cultural, and traverse designs.

Uniq Stories - Ayesha Accessories
Source: Ayesha Accessories


The concept of Ayesha Accessories arose first from the popularity of a tiny jewellery counter designed and curated by Jacqueline Kapur at their Pondicherry shopping mall, Casablanca. Little Ayesha had just soared to prominence with her Bollywood film Black, and she emerged indispensable as the company’s face, providing her younger and less profitable perspective on trends since then. Jacqueline and her daughter Ayesha collaborated to create an accessories company that was powerful, fashionable, and blended foreign and Indian values.

Jacqueline Kapur, the company’s founder, as well as the president, is a German-born entrepreneur who has worked in the Indian designer label market for over 30 years. She has developed a thorough grasp of the Indian retail operation while being intimately connected to the worldwide fashion business. Ayesha Kapur, of Bollywood renown, has been the brand’s face and personifies Ayesha’s target client. They have created a vibrant and passionately committed business team. Ayesha Accessories presently has over 80 onsite sales locations and is available on various e-commerce platforms.

Thus, indeed, it is high time that you shop all your favourite accessories from this brand. Apart from that, it is a guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Another interesting fact is that the brand holds frequent promotions as well as various offers. Online deliveries are also available at variable shipment costs.