Achieve That Natural Glowing Skin With Soul Tree!

Brand: Soul Tree

Founders: Vishal Bhandari

Founding Date: 1990

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana

Industry: Beauty & Personal care

With each passing day, we hear of a new brand. Brands that are elite, expensive, and less in quantity than most others. These become popular because of social trends and peer pressure not because of what they have to offer. Soul Tree, as its very name suggests, is a brand dedicated to ayurvedic ingredients used to make beauty products. If you prefer quality over trends, include this brand in your skincare routine.

How Inspired The Start Of This Beauty Brand Is?

Vishal Bhandari had quit his job as a merchant navy in the early 1990s to explore new opportunities. Realizing it was the beginning of the millennia, he wanted to make his living out of something that would leave a mark on the world. During his travels to the Himalayas, he was at once impressed with the farmers practising organic farming. He started building markets for the ayurvedic herbs that they grew. That was his first step towards saving the earth.

Vishal set up many markets to help small farmers get their fair prices. To expand this ritual of helping them and bringing organic products into people’s lives, he started his very own company. Soul Tree is a line of natural beauty products that are made using natural ayurvedic ingredients grown organically. A span of 3 years of research later, Soul Tree launched its products in the market and was quick to gain the trust of its customers!

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Get Naturally Glowing Skin With Soul Tree!

There are already enough brands that make a thousand promises to their customers and yet certainly harm the skin in the long run. The reason why Soul Tree has become popular is that it delivers what it promises. Whatever offers a quick fix is only a temporary escape from your problems. This brand demands consistency and patience and it would improve your skin as you’ve never imagined!

Wonder what makes these products skin-friendly? Let us know:

  • Organically Farmed Ingredients:
    None of their products has chemical components included in their making. They are either harvested or organically grown making them suitable for every skin type.
  • Freshly Made In-House Products:
    The beauty products are not stored for years. The ingredients are extracted following true ayurvedic traditions, painstakingly by the in-house botanical experts. This ensures maximum benefits and exemplifies your chances of healthy skin.
  • Ethically Sourced:
    The products are made from items that are sourced through established NGOs that work with local communities and small farmers. Legal harvesting practices are adopted so that no harm is done to the forest in the process of extracting herbs.
Uniq Stories - Soul Tree
Source: Soul Tree

What Do They Provide You?

They cover various aspects of beautification, ranging from skincare to makeup all made naturally.

Your busy days definitely takes a mental toll that reflects clearly on your skin. It is suggested to form an exclusive skincare routine that you follow religiously to get that glowing skin! They offer face scrubs, cleanser, moisturizer, face packs, face oil, lip balm, toning mists, etc. Using them daily will only elevate your looks instead of harming them.

Other products include shampoo, hair oil & conditioner for hair care, shower gels and soaps for a natural bathing regime, and ayurvedic makeup products like lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, etc. The ayurvedic kajal of this brand is made by a 300-year-old process to soothe the eyes and clean the eyes naturally.

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Soul Tree has been internationally certified, annually, by the reputed European Certification Agency BDIH of Germany, making it the only brand in India to have such official certification. This guarantees the safety of its products; also claiming that they are not tested on animals.

This brand has not only been a favourite to the youth today, but it is also present in all major states of the country. It has also found recognition in France, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain, Japan, Australia, etc.

This is also an inclusive brand whose workers belong to all nationalities, age groups, genders, etc.

They not only make the lives of its customers better but are also concerned about the farmers it works with. They make sure that they are paid well and supported in every way possible to increase their sales.

Uniq Stories - Soul Tree
Source: Soul Tree

Impression Of Soul Tree

When enormous brands establish their firms, not only holes are burnt in our pockets, the income of small farmers and their hard work also goes unnoticed. Brands like Soul Tree takes the initiative of not only making their brand successful but also the lives of those farmers better. In addition to that, customers become their utmost priority proven by their choice of natural products in place of chemically loathed items.

Do include their products in your self-care regime and make the lives of many unknown faces better!