All Good Scents: Fall In Love With The Mesmerizing Fragrances!

Brand: All Good Scents

Founder: Rajiv Sheth

Founding Date: 2013

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

An enchanting smell has the power to transcend you into a mystical world. Our olfactory senses play a major role in giving us an aesthetic experience of life. A single sniff can help you reminisce your fondest memories or take you through a rabbit hole into a wonderland.

Hence, it is very important to serve our olfactory senses with the best of scents so that it becomes more refined and inclusive.

What Is ‘All Good Scents’?

All Good Scents presents a variety of ranges of perfumes and fragrances suiting any gender, occasions, moods and age. It aims to form a nexus between the traditional Indian and famous global scents. They offer premium scents at affordable prices which are authentic and desirable.

They come in unique and innovative combinations of different kinds of scents that complement everyone’s taste and personality.

Why Choose This Brand?

Rajiv Sheth, a renowned perfumer with over 16 years of experience, founded All Good Scents with the primary goal of highlighting the rich Indian scents in the global arena. They provide a scintillating amalgamation of Indian and Western scents. All their scents are bottled in India and are available online only. And most importantly, they make sure to provide cruelty-free products to their customers.

They are inspired by the modern French perfume industry, which is exceptionally famous worldwide. And so they aim to transform the traditional conception of scents in India by making it pocket-friendly and luxurious at the same time.

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Source: All Good Scents

The Products & Services They Offer

  • Perfumes for Men & Women
    They offer a wide range of luxurious perfumes for both men and women; Eau de toilettes (diluted) and Eau de Parfums (Concentrated) in different fragrances like Jasmine, Peppermint, Vetiver, Sandalwood, etc. They scream the tastes of a youthful and contemporary India.
  • Scented Candles & Bands
    They offer four kinds of scented candles that are inspired from all over the world like Vanilla, Rose, Indonesian Patchouli, cinnamon, etc. One other product that exemplifies their exclusivity is the Scented Wrist-Bands. You can simply wear it as an accessory all day long and it will continue to rejuvenate you and others.
  • Scent Boxes
    You can order a bunch of premium perfumes together and even curate your box with the perfumes you want. They also offer a sampler kit. And an exclusive Eternal Garden kit that is a product of collaboration, offers some elegant and bold Indian scents and comes in a very beautiful package.
  • Gift Sets
    Perfumes are the perfect gift for any occasion, be it Birthdays or Anniversaries or Valentine’s Day or any other special days. It certainly shows that the giver cares about you and wants you to feel refreshed throughout the day. Furthermore, the eye-catching packaging and the personalized notes services All Good Scents offer gives them the edge.

    We can customize our own gift set or choose from the different kinds of sets like the Love & Joy Heart Box, which has two premium perfumes for women and come in a gorgeous heart-shaped box, the Voyage sets which are available for both men and women and are small and travel-size perfume sets.
  • Online Training & Workshops
    For promoting the art of making perfumes they offer online pieces of training and workshops for beginners as well as professionals. All Good Scents is the representative of ‘Cinquieme Sens’ in India, which is a famous training facility in France. Hence, they provide the finest perfumery education in India.

Perfumes are not only a symbol of self-love and self-care but also promotes the image of healthy hygiene. All Good Scents is a brand that can be a gift to ourselves as well as to our loved ones.

Perfume is the art that makes the memory speak” – Francis Kurkdjian