Andamen – A Luxury Fashion Brand That Celebrates Indian-ness

Brand: Andamen

Founder: Satvika Suri & Siddharth Suri

Founding Date: 2015

Headquarters: Gurgaon, India

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

About The Brand

In late 2015, a couple came up with an embroidered Indian shirt brand named ‘Andamen‘. It started with the philosophy of standing out as one of the best Indian luxury fashion brands. The unique and heritable collection of Andamen represents the magic of diversity and power of our country, India. This Indian brand creates iconic shirts of high quality.

The contemporary brand is inspired by the Andaman Islands, and just like the Islands, the brand wants to explore things beyond India, yet resolutely staying Indian. The brand mark of a swimming elephant is a tribute to ‘Rajan’ for its unremarkable and unexpected work.

The Products They Offer

Andamen manufactures top-notch fabric with amazing quality and an excellent palette of colors. The brand uses superfine threads to weave the shirts, tees, sweatshirts, and many more. From the luster and perfect finishing of the shirts, you can figure out the quality of the products.

Andamen - Uniq Stories
Source: Andamen

As for the pricing, the shirts are a bit higher but the color, design, and texture the brand offers are worth it. The Andamen’s shirt starts at ₹3,890. On the other hand, the Terra Nova shirts start at ₹4,390. Apart from designing shirts, the brand also works on the innovation of new fabrics.

The overall collection is based on different regions of India. For example, their collection, The Long Snout, is inspired by the trail of Ganges and Tyoohar is suggestive of the festival in Ladakh called Hemis Festival.

The Collection

Andamen believes in making luxurious and fashionable shirts. The excellent fabric, not so casual style, and soft colors are the major attraction for men. The clothes are categorized as follows:

Andamen - Uniq Stories
Source: Andamen

These categories are further categorized according to different seasons, moods, and festivals, such as Retro, Signature, Astra, Heritage, Rise, Ave: Festive 2020, New Arrivals, Persona, and many more.

You can check out the latest collection on their website at Andamen or you can pay a visit to the brand’s official Instagram account.


Over the years, Andamen has created a big family of thousands of customers. The customers came in contact with Andamen through different channels.  A few customers got to know about the brand from LBB, a few from social media sites, a few from DH, and a few from family and friends.

Andamen - Uniq Stories
Source: Andamen

Overall, they all love the brand as it is both comfortable and fashionable at the same time. On a scale of 5, the customers have rated the brand as 4.3, as per the record.

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing in today’s business. The brand takes care of it and provides many facilities to the customers. You get a 60-day return policy with a proper response on WhatsApp in case of any defect. The easy return policy along with money-back assurance within 10 days of return makes things simpler for the customer.

Summing Up

Andamen is a brand that provides the fabric with everlasting quality, timeless colors, and comforting patterns. The main manufacturing house of Andamen is set up in Gurgaon as. the owner of Andamen, Satvika, and Siddharth, love to do things locally. Andamen achieves responsible fashion tag by manufacturing clothes with earth-friendly fibers, which are not only fully compostable and produce zero wastage but are more durable and softer. No cloth is left behind and plastic usage is reduced by 95%.