Apartment Therapy – Give Your Home The Makeover It Deserves!

Brand: Apartment Therapy

Founder: Maxwell Ryan & Oliver Ryan

Founding Date: 2001

Headquarters: New York, United States

Industry: Home Decor

If you think apartment therapy is therapy brought to the four walls of your home, you’re wrong! Apartment Therapy is a home and decor company that inspires people to lead happier lives at home. Launched by Maxwell Ryan, called the apartment therapist, it was initially a weekly newsletter for clients. In 2004, it became an official media company that has helped people to find their ideal home decor and live in a house they could only imagine.

How Do They Help People With Home Decor?

This company is unique because it isn’t some typical interior design-centric company. It goes to a great extent in making you comfortable and involves you in every step of the process. There is expert advice, shopping tips, and DIY hacks given for people who are self-sufficient in transforming their houses. This technique is unique as it fits every type of budget. They feature house tours daily which are submitted to them by real-life owners and not professionals or actors. This ensures a realistic outlook of the decor. It shows house designs for all house types, be it big or small, for big-budgeted customers or small; insights are available for everyone!

Inspired by how people live in big or small spaces and transform houses with limited sources, Apartment Therapy provides its readers’ creativity to get their favourite looks in their own homes!

Uniq Stories - Apartment Therapy
Source: Apartment Therapy

How Did The Company Proceed From The Beginning?

Years ago when apartment therapy started, Maxwell would travel on his bike to his client’s homes to help them make their apartments aesthetic, hygienic, and organized. He was both an interior designer and life coach and his mantra was simplicity, comfort, and no commotion. Unlike other designers, he disliked the idea of dictating to his clients how he would like their houses to look. Instead, he armed his clients with the tools and liberty to decide for themselves.

Oliver Ryan, in 2004 started the website and made the company known to a larger audience. The daily blog posts, store reviewing, pictures of design projects on the website have greatly attracted readers and have also inspired many people to change the look of their homes.

What Do They All Do In Their Blog?

There is a vast range of topics that the company covers in its blogs. It helps people to choose or amplify their imagination. The most relevant category is their blogs on “Organize and Clean”.

This category informs readers about how to use the old stuff in a new way to fit the decor of the household, how to lighten up the living room, kitchen refreshes, quick closet cleanout hacks, etc. these small tips and tricks might help a household look much more sober and less messy.

Uniq Stories - Apartment Therapy
Source: Apartment Therapy

They also blog under the category “Style” in which Apartment Therapy posts blogs about the importance of undertones when colouring walls, combinations of classic paint colours, making neutral colours work for bedrooms, etc. this category helps people style their homes in a way they want without committing blunders.

The “partner” section solves many of your confusions, especially if you are ready to do a makeover of your home for the first time. There are paint personality tests that help you understand which colour suits you best, happy colours to boost your mood, etc.

How Is Apartment Therapy Relevant With The Present Times?

Since the pandemic happened, the world has witnessed a new way of functioning- working from home. Be it, young adults, children, or professionals of any other field, everyone is homebound for more than a year now. In times like this, our homes have been our haven, sustaining all the anxiety attacks, the isolation, loneliness, and boredom happily. To get rid of the mundane feeling, pull your socks and get ready to give a makeover to your house. Choose happy colours to avoid any sad feeling and be comfortable within the four walls, in your own company.

Uniq Stories - Apartment Therapy
Source: Apartment Therapy

Overview Of The Brand

Apartment Therapy is indeed a brand that is client-centric and caters to the needs of its customers to the last limit. It gives them the freedom to choose and be creative because they are the ones who would live there! All of the tips given are just enough to make a first-timer do amazing art to his dearest house.

More so than ever before, now is the time to opt for the advice and hacks this company offers and make yourself feel the zest again!