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Brand: Ayom Nutrition

Founder: Namanyay Goel

Founding Date: 2020

Headquarters: New Delhi, India

Industry: Health & Fitness

Taking vitamins daily is very important for your total well-being. They help your physical health and improve your mental health and provide energy to be more active socially. But in this hectic lifestyle, we don’t have time to for ourselves. That’s when we take the help of supplements available in the market to fulfil the requirements of our body. But unfortunately, the supplements, vitamin tablets, bars, powders in the market do not taste good and have a very medicinal taste. Worry not! Ayom Nutrition helps you get your vitamins daily without compromising on the taste.

Ayom has formulated chewable vitamin gummies, which are very good for health and have a great flavour. They provide your body with all the requirements while being tasty and yummy.

Uniq Stories - Ayom Nutrition
Source: Ayom Nutrition

What’s So Special About Ayom?

Ayom Nutrition is made for you, for your benefit. With over 6 years of experience in nutrition, they know what’s good for you. Being India’s first brand to produce vitamin gummies, they deliver the best. They believe in honesty and communicate nothing but the truth about their products. They make non-GMO and filler-free products derived from the highest quality of ingredients.

Ayom’s formulas are backed up by detailed scientific researches about every ingredient that goes into the gummies to ensure authentic results. Even the minutest of the detail is given immense importance for your health benefit. You can expect nothing but the best from Ayom. Above all, all their products are vegan, gluten-free and gelatin-free.

The brand organises sales and regularly offers for its customers and provides free shipping and a discount when payment is made online. Here’s a list of products that you can choose from;

Uniq Stories - Ayom Nutrition
Source: Ayom Nutrition

Flawless Skin, Skincare Gummies

These gummies are packed with Vitamin E, C, Biotin and FoIate that helps in restoring balance in your skin. They also decrease ageing, reduce the risk of acne, combat dark spots, protect your skin from harmful UV damage and promote healthy cell division. All made with natural products, they make your skin glow from within.

Ultimate Beauty Haircare & Stronger Nails Gummies

These gummies have Vitamin C, A, Zinc, Biotin and Folate in them too for the nourishment of your hair and nails. These gummies are beneficial for your hair as they help in strengthening, growth and thickness of your hair by providing nutrition to your scalp. These gummies also make your nails stronger and prevent them from breaking.

Immunity Bliss, Multi-Vitamin Gummies

Multi-Vitamin gummies build your immunity and make you feel strong from within. It even helps you feel energetic throughout the day by boosting your energy levels. They also help in maintaining good gut health. All in all, these gummies are a package deal for your whole body.

Truly Lean Weight loss Gummies

These gummies have apple cider vinegar, green tea extracts, Vitamin B12 and superfood beetroot, and pomegranate that helps improve metabolism and energy levels. They also help in suppressing your apatite, and you burn more calories than you gain. They get rid of your rigid fat molecules from inside naturally.

Uniq Stories - Ayom Nutrition
Source: Ayom Nutrition


Leave the nutrition to Ayom because only they provide healthy gummies which are tasty and fun to eat. With their products, you can achieve your goals quickly, but consistency is essential. You will be pleasantly surprised when you observe the results for yourself in no time. And when your body is satisfied, your willpower to do more is increased. Ayom takes care of its customers because they know your requirements. With over 6 years of experience in this field, they have already won over the hearts of many. It’s your turn now!

All naturally obtained materials are used to form these yummy tasty gummy. So, what are you waiting for?

Start your wellness journey today and order online to avail best offers on healthy gummies that taste good. Live your best, feel your best with Ayom.

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