Baggit: From ₹7,000 Borrowed Money To ₹111 Cr. Valued Brand!

Brand: Baggit

Founder: Nina Lekhi

Founding Date: 1990

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Every brand has a story to tell, so does Baggit – a one-stop destination for vibrant, trendy, and fashionable accessories. This brand serves the need of fun-loving urban Indians.

With its birth in India, Baggit inculcates Indianness by encouraging and motivating the aspiring skilled Indian craftsmen. Established in 1990, this versatile brand has captured the hearts of millions over the years with its homegrown styles.

As a “Made in India” brand, Baggit has an edge over competition in the market. Being an original brand, it doesn’t compromise on quality or design by following or imitating others, making it the best choice for consumers.

“When you are passionate about something, you won’t leave”


The story of Nina Lekhi, the founder of Baggit, is indeed worth sharing. Having a passion for painting, Nina Lekhi pursued a diploma in Foundation Art Course at Sophia’s Polytechnic in Mumbai. After failing the first year, she gathered courage and pursued two different causes that paved her destiny. She also worked at Amarson’s shop floor where she learned the art of bag making. This was the turning point of her career.

At 18, she decided to start her own business. She designed bags and sold them at Amarson’s shop and exhibitions. Today, she is known as the CEO of Baggit, which is one of the leading Indian brands in handbags. Today, this brand designs slings, handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, purses, wallets, tote, and satchels using innovative techniques and eco-friendly fabrics that cater to modern Indian women. Nina Lekhi is indeed an inspiration for all women entrepreneurs.

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Baggit not only focuses on quality but also on capacity. They ensure that every bag is spacious enough to carry all goods necessary. This brand is perhaps one of the few Indian brands that can compete with international brands in terms of quality and design, but it is not heavily priced as other international brands and is budget-friendly.

“My greatest achievement is that my design and creativity has led to a large product portfolio and growing business. But this alone would not have been enough. I also have a loving and balanced family life. And I have managed this with a great work-life balance approach.”


Today, Baggit is expanding horizons across retail channels as well as with international fast-fashion brands. Nina Lekhi feels that fashion today is not solely about style. It acts as an empowering tool for self-expression and that is exactly what Baggit represents.

Baggit has 21 exclusive retail outlets in the city of Mumbai and it is also sold at well-known retailers like Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle Stores all over the country.

Baggit is completely conscious of the possible environmental impact of the handbag manufacturing business. This brand uses only synthetic and environment-friendly raw materials in the manufacturing process, which helps to further popularize the products among sensitive customers. The company also has gained appreciation from the social activists.

Being a prime example of women empowerment in the country, Baggit is a shining beacon to all budding entrepreneurs. Its success shows that optimism, hard work, and not quitting even after repetitive failures bear fruitful results in the long run.