Be Instagram-Ready With Tania’s Tea House!

Brand: Tania’s Tea House

Founder: Tania Lodi

Founding Date: 2018

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE

Industry: Restaurant & Cafes

One of the most aesthetic cafes one can ever witness, Tania’s Tea House has been awarded the title of the 7th most Instagrammable cafe in the entire world. It has a chic interior with minimalistic decor, aligning impeccably with the needs of today’s youth.

Located near the famous 5-star hotel Burj Al Arab, this cafe attracts both locals and tourists. It has become a go-to place for all those who prefer cafes over clubs, to have tea, meet a date or spend time alone.

Uniq Stories - Tania's Tea House
Source: Tania’s Tea House

The Story Behind The Foundation Of Tania’s Tea House

Born in the US, Tania Lodi studied Psychology at the University of Toronto. Unfortunately, there she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that caused chronic pain.

In that period she looked to tea and discovered some of its miraculous health benefits. She noticed that others too were suffering from diverse health issues parallel to her.

That’s when she decided to turn her weakness into her strength and ultimately came up with the idea of Tania’s Tea House at the prime age of 23. Her cafe now provides people with an escape from a tedious lifestyle with an aesthetic decor, healthy food, and quality tea that would help in bettering people’s underlying health issues.

Tania is a businesswoman and is inspiring hundreds of women to start a business of their own. She believes in women’s empowerment. She is vocal about the practice of self-care to keep oneself healthy.

What Exactly Attracts People To This Cafe?

The owner has made sure to align the infrastructure to the taste of this generation. The marbles are kept minimalistic, there are small colourful plants that add a touch of optimism throughout her cafe.

The cafe is stylish with rose gold accents. Due to the owner’s health problems, this cafe is very mindful of the menu it serves. All the foods are health-oriented and dietary restricted, making it safe to eat day-in and day-out.

Being a tea lover herself, the owner has custom-made tea recipes that are available in various quantities as per the demand of the customers.

How Is It An Instagrammable Cafe?

What makes this cafe even more attractive is its feature of being Instagrammable. The youth has been obsessing over Instagram for a few years now where everyone seems to be in a rat race to show one’s life more happening than the others. This cafe caters to this need of the youth to the zenith.

Apart from the stylish and minimalistic decor, all the furniture is well matched with the decor. That way, they do not look too outdated or out of the place. The way to the 2nd floor is kept picture-ready with curved stairs and a lot of pictures hanging on the wall. One can easily stand and get a beautiful picture without even trying!

The best of the lot is its plating skills. The foods are decorated with such patience and artistry that one wouldn’t want to disturb it. The coffees are topped with latte art that is Instagram-worthy. Who wouldn’t want to go in and make others jealous of your great taste in cafes!

Uniq Stories - Tania's Tea House
Source: Tania’s Tea House

What Makes It A Happy-Go-Lucky Place?

Tania is a free-spirited person who never lets small defeats discourage her. She is known to search for happiness in even small things like sipping her everyday cup of tea. She has been mindful to let her cafe give out the same vibes to its customers.

Tania’s Tea House allows everyone inside it with open arms to enjoy its optimistic ambience and lose themselves over a cup of tea. It promotes self-care, health, and mental peace like no other place.

The menu setting encourages us to be compassionate and loving towards our bodies. The most optimistic approach is its allowance of pets inside the cafe.

Imagine sipping a cup of tea amidst a bunch of cute dogs hanging out with their owners! What a view!

Overall Review Of The Cafe

This place has been winning hearts and souls since its establishment. People cannot stop praising it and we cannot deny any of it. It has got it all – from party vibes to reunion with friends, to a day of hanging with your pet or escaping a hectic day alone. This cafe seems to be a mixture of pristine energy and peace, attracting people belonging to every age group.

The healthy menu with reasonable pricing makes it one of a kind. The way the food and its health benefits are segregated shows a lot about their concern for other’s well-being. From what we see and hear of it, it is worthy of the title it has been bestowed with.

Do visit this place the next time you visit the exquisite city. Let us hope they open branches of this cafe worldwide!