Bengal Bay Drinks: Bubble Up Your Tummy!

Brand: Bengal Bay Drinks

Founder: Deepti Gupta & Rishabh Gupta

Founding Date: 2017

Headquarters: New Delhi

Industry: Food & Beverages

The essence of beverage is one of refinement and solace. In today’s world, where thousands of different beverage brands are ready in the market, it is quite challenging to pick up one which is both healthy and hygienic. Well, Bengal Bay Drinks is here to solve your problems and provide you with an authentic beverage made from sourced ingredients and natural flavours.

Bengal Bay Drinks brings you India’s first organic tonic with a promised fulfilling experience. Fed by curiosity, it creates a blend of the finest indigenous botanicals and organic flavours to provide you with a perfect sip.

Journey Of Bengal Bay Drinks

Starting from the shorelines of the Bay Of Bengal in search of delectable flavours and ingredients, discovering them across the seven seas, they started their concoction of quinine, sand-filtered water, orange, cane sugar, and cardamom. With the right amount of champagne carbonation keeping you refreshed and cold blending helping you to lower acidity, they achieved a balance between bittersweet notes.

With this, the first batch of Bengal Bay Organic Indian tonic, moderately sweet and naturally bitter, came into existence.

Uniq Stories - Bengal Bay Drinks
Source: Bengal Bay Drinks

Why Choose The Great Bengal Bay Drinks?

Crafted from organically sourced botanicals, free from artificial sweeteners or preservatives, each of these 250ml of Bay drinks keeps you energized and refreshed throughout the day. Naturally sweetened with cane sugar, they also keep a check on calories by providing 35Cal per serve also with herbal extracts, quinine in cold water, and champagne carbonation which provides you with a sweet finish and lasting effervescence.

Last but not least they are focused on the Green India mission, hence they tend to minimize plastic usage in their packaging.

What Are The Different Artisanal Drinks Available For You?

Bengal Bay Indian Tonic Water

With the elegant flavour, this tonic is a saviour on those long and tiring days. These premium drinks with delicate herbal notes and the refreshing aftertaste can be enjoyed with usual gin or tequila or many of the bomb recipes available on their site such as Espresso Tonic, Whiskey Ginger Tonic, Spicy Grapefruit Gin, and Tonic, etc.

They never fail to provide you with a fresh, smooth, and delightful taste overall.

Spiced Organic & Basil Tonic Water

With a sweet tanginess from orange and basil finish, this exquisitely crafted drink is a perfect combination of natural ingredients including the sweet mandarin sweetness. This beverage symbolizes good liquor which can be enjoyed alone as well as serves as a perfect canvas for any garnish.

This subtle drink with balanced aromatics ensures you a crisp and keeps you fresh.

Sparkling Soda Water

Crafted with sand-filtered water from Rajasthan, this velvety-textured soda water is the best. The addition of their signature champagne and perfectly balanced carbonations ensures fizzy retention throughout the day.

Uniq Stories - Bengal Bay Drinks
Source: Bengal Bay Drinks

Awards & Achievements

Superior Taste Award

A competition in Belgium judged by the top 100 Michelin starred chefs presented Bengal Bay Drinks with the superior taste award.

Best 100% Natural Tonic

According to tonic trials conducted by the industry leaders, they were recognized as the world’s best tonic water.


The drink is the feast of the season and the flow of soul“, as found from the studies most of the drinks are highly acidic which lowers your bone density and makes you prone to various liver and heart disease, covering all these shortcomings while quite the opposite the Bengal Bay Drinks brings you a magnificent collection of organic drinks which helps you extract important nutrients from their herbal notes and promotes optimal health by eliminating all the toxic ingredients. These bubbly and bittersweet tonics ignite your spirit and refresh you with the perfect amount of bubbling and crispness.

Obviously, who would choose a refreshing summer drink made with locally sourced organic plants under utmost care and precision over a drink fully loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients!

Perfect taste and healthy beverages go hand in hand with Bengal Bay Drinks. Thus, embrace the sky, feel the clouds and drink the artisanal Bengal Bay Drinks.