Bewakoof: Imagined in India and Made in India!

Brand: Bewakoof

Founder: Prabhkiran Singh & Sidharth Munot

Founding Date: 2012

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

‘Customization‘ a simple word with huge market capability. We like our stuff customized right from phone covers, T-shirts to coffee mugs, and now even masks. Customization feels personal and cool. It presents an excellent business opportunity. Earlier, very few, if any, provided customized service. As demand was high and supply was low, rates were reaching the skies! Now, customization is available almost everywhere. Local shops, printing centers, e-commerce websites, gift shops, and so on have come up with this facility, but prices are still not pocket-friendly. There was one website that started its customization business when the trend of customizable merchandise started and has scaled new heights in terms of revenue,!

Founding Of Bewakoof is launched by two IIT mates, Prabhkiran Singh and Sidharth Munot. From their teenage years, both aspired to be entrepreneurs. They decided that they’ll go for a start-up seeing the demand for customization. They started off with ₹30,000 revenue per month and now are churning over ₹20 crore revenue per month.

According to studies, it is one of the fastest-growing startups in India. ‘Bewakoof ‘ is a Hindi word, which means stupid, but the owners had a funky view of the word. They believed that bewakoof is anything different or anything that is done differently without planning for success but intending to help others. Basically, it is something unique, something different, and something new.

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Social Media Marketing Of Bewakoof

It was first created as a page on various social media websites, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. They didn’t start e-commerce directly. They entered e-commerce through social media. They followed the meme trend which had started becoming popular back then. They used to make humorous content and post it on their different social media platforms, which brought them huge audiences and traffic. Eventually, they launched the brand officially. They started sharing their designs, catalogs, products, etc. on social media. As they already had a huge audience engagement, they sold over 1 lakh T-shirts within 3 months of launch!

What Kept Them Going?

India has something new every day! So, they were never out of ideas. Any trending quotation, movie dialogue, meme dialogue, etc. would be their product of the day. They had a new collection every day keeping up with the latest fashion and trends. They have over 3000 T-shirt styles.

Social media marketing played a huge role in their success. There was no paid marketing. As it was a self-manufacturing unit, the cost of production was less. They manufactured products on demand and had zero dead stock, which implied no inventory or overhead costs. They directly deal with customers with no middlemen to cut their profits. All these gave them nearly 70% to 100% margin on each product and it was available to consumers at a reasonable cost! is now the official merchandise partner of companies such as T-Series, Yash Raj Films, Excel Entertainment, etc. They rule customized merchandise in both wholesale and retail markets.

Bewakoof - Uniq Stories
Source: Bewakoof

Aim Of Bewakoof

Bewakoof is functioning on the principle of making an impact through honesty, innovation, and thoughtfulness.  Due to its creative and distinctive taste, Bewakoof has become quite a successful fashion brand with youth. has planned on expanding its customizing business to Mobile Cases, Laptop Covers, Watches, Mugs, Shoes, and so on. Their pre-existing marketing level is as high as Amazon’s.


In a nutshell, if you want Damon Salvatore T-Shirt or He’s My Lobster back cover for your lover or that Ye Bhi Thik Hai dialogue from Mirzapur or Joey Doesn’t Share Food or Binod on your T-Shirt or any line from any Show/Movie/Meme from Instagram, just Bewakoof it!