Bliss Club: Move with Confidence!

Brand: Bliss Club

Founder: Minu Margeret

Founding Date: 2020

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

We all have a different meaning when it comes to staying fit. For most of the women out there, it isn’t just about physical fitness but also mental fitness. People are bent upon focussing on physical fitness through heavy exercise regimes and diets but somewhere along the line real happiness gets lost. That doesn’t mean we should not pay heed to physical exercises, but we should note that exercise isn’t about being in the gym, it is about training and moving our body to be healthy.

Bliss Club was made with a special aim of making you realize that you don’t have to have 6-pack abs to feel happy about yourself, we can simply find happiness and confidence from any movement.

What Is Bliss Club?

Bliss Club is a women’s active-wear brand that is community-first. It designs super soft and super comfortable active-wear for women. They also redefine the image of a perfect body for women by celebrating all body types. They believe that any kind of movement releases happy hormones that keep both our body and mind healthy and singing. Their mission is “To spread Happiness through Movement”.

Love Your Body The Way It Is

All the active-wear brands, nowadays, portray the perfect body type wearing the perfect active-wear. They categorise them in a way we feel indifferent to. Bliss Club celebrates all the body types and doesn’t discriminate or doesn’t try to define the perfect body, because everyone has a different definition of their perfect body and hence their happiness bubble. Their stretchable material makes anybody type it’s home as if it’s just made for you. It will give you a feeling that will make you your own VIP.

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Source: Bliss Club

Soft & The Best Material

We have a lot of trouble finding the perfect activewear that will be a rather Herculean task. When it’s a nice fit there will be a problem with the material. The material of the activewear should be inviting you to wear them and move in a way that makes you joyful. It should be like once you wear them you don’t want to change from them. This is exactly what Bliss Club does to you.

The fabric is ultra-soft, comfortable and airy, it will make you feel like you are partying with the clouds. They take special care in choosing the perfect microfiber yarn and knitting them with a unique technique that will give your skin ample ventilation. It is light but does not compromise the strength of the material. It is hence, the perfect combination of all the goodness you will ever need.

The Ultimate Leggings

Their premium and the best quality leggings are something you will instantly fall in love with. It will cherish you and give you all the right feelings. They have designed the perfect pair of leggings for the perfect modern and confident woman. It doesn’t have any labels or logos because they have made sure not to create any irritation for you while you wear them.

It has 4 pockets! Yes, you read it right, usually, leggings don’t even have a single pocket but Bliss Club knows the commitments of a modern hardworking woman. They have the perfect fit and are made with 27% spandex that is more than any other leggings in the market so that you can have the perfect movement with no boundaries.

Be Kind To Your Body & Mind

Keeping our body happy is one way of keeping our mind happy. Hence, treating our body with the best apparels is the primary thing we can do to keep our mind pregnant with happiness. Bliss Club takes special care of your body by giving it the best and the most comfortable activewear. It is a gift you can give to yourself because you should learn to love yourself.

Let it be a motivation to start moving and learning to be happy with your skin.