Bombay Troopers: Make Comfort With Style Uncompromised!

Brand: Bombay Troopers

Founder: Jugal Mistry

Founding Date: 2014

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Fashion and Accessories

As we know the secret to good style is to feel good in what you wear. With new trends, there has been an escalation in the competition to get into the fashion industry. Many apparel markets are striving hard to establish themselves from competing in designs to competing with the brands.

Well, Bombay Troopers is a company that has gained an appreciation and has established itself as a renowned global brand.

What Are Bombay Troopers?

With a motto of creating distinct and astonishing designs in the field of apparel and accessories, Bombay Trooper is a perfect place to shop from. Started as a simple T-shirt company including comic book tees or pop culture tees, this company with their never-ending love for designs, now offers you a wide range of products consisting of bottom wear, backpacks, and various accessories which are useful in day to day life.

What Makes Troopers Different From Others?

Apart from their quirky prints in various themes, the majority of their collection is designed by Indie designers, providing a collection that is not available at every merchandise shop. From graphic couple tees to geeky t-shirts they seem to have a wide variety of tees to offers.

This website is a perfect place for passionate travellers who are looking for backpacks that cover up all the shortcomings of conventional bags and the hoopers which provide them immense comfort and satisfaction. All in all, this is the place where you get to purchase everything you need to make your personality cosy and classy.

Uniq Stories - Bombay Trooper
Uniq Stories – Bombay Trooper

What Are Some Of The High-In-Demand Products Of The Bombay Troopers?

Apart from their fascinating collection of tees which is loved by all, listed below are some of the most famous products on their websites:


Well, backpacking is a luxury and the amazing designer backpacks available on the Bombay Troopers make this luxury quite affordable. These smartly designed bags are available for everyone. From appearance to comfort, with protection from harsh weather conditions to compartmentalization for your gadgets, these are the best available in the market. A few of its famous bags include:

Sling Canvas Messenger Bag

Made with 100% cotton and brass fitting, this canvas bag is highly affordable and the best product with a detachable padded laptop sleeve for a 15-inch laptop, a bottle holder, various side pockets, and an optional add-on camera case

Whiskey Messenger Bag

This upcycled canvas bag with enough rooms to pack clothes for an overnight journey also with its laptop sleeve is the must-have from their collection.


Who doesn’t want apparel which is both comfortable and can serve multiple purposes at the same time?

Well, the hoppers are one of that trendy yet comfortable collection of the Bombay Troopers which is in tremendous demand.

From denim joggers to yoga pants to cabin pants for both men and women, these hoopers should be one of the most amazing additions to your wardrobes. They are the best fit for casual and cool occasions, with bold colours and textures to level up your fashion game.

Uniq Stories - Bombay Trooper
Uniq Stories – Bombay Trooper

Natural Organic Soaps

These vegan soaps make a side charm to their collections. Made with zero chemicals these vegan soaps are handcrafted with the finest ingredients borrowed from mother nature.


Apart from their stylish apparel collections, they offer you a lot of accessories. Some of which includes:


They offer you a wide variety of custom-designed fun and quirky socks made of soft fluffy cotton which provides immense comfort to your feet and looks great when worn.

Laptop Sleeves

Popularly known as portfolio bags, these are the best products available in the market to keep your laptop safe and covered when not in use. These sleeves protect against water spills, dust, and scratches and are made of colourful and intricately woven fabric with the help of complex machinery.

With the ever-evolving fashion statement, The Bombay Troopers offer you a top-notch style versatile collection that keeps you trendy as well as comfortable. Then, what are you waiting for?

Shop from the Bombay Troopers and enjoy the art of dressing and comfort.