Brillare: Soulful Self-Care

Brand: Brillare

Founder: Jigar Patel

Founder Date: 2009

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Self-care is a very important way to not only stay beautiful physically but also mentally. Skin, body and haircare are the primary way to show our body that we love and care for it. But nowadays the majority of products use chemicals that harm our bodies and mind.

So, should we stop caring about ourselves? But Brillare takes care of all such problems and provides you with the best products that will heal you and make you happy.

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What Is Brillare?

Brillare is a cosmetic company that provides you with the best skin, body and hair care products. They started small with the primary goal to use 100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty-Free products. They were a team of formulation scientists with a passion for self-care products. Now they have a variety of products and many happy customers all across India and abroad. They are made from ingredients like Coffee Seeds, Wintergreen, Onion Seeds, Fruit Extracts, Avocado, Neem, etc.

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Natural & Vegan

There are many skin, body and hair care products in the market today. Although many companies guarantee natural products, they are still not able to make them natural. But Brillare only uses natural and vegan products which is the primary reason why people love it. And many of their products are Zero-dilution that means it doesn’t have any chemicals or water or preservatives in them. And they are tirelessly working to make all their products Zero-dilution.

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Skin, Body & Hair Products

Yes, you get all these three in one place and with utmost care. They are experimented with and crafted the best products suited for any skin type, feeling or hair condition. From sunscreen to acne removal to anti-ageing solutions for healthy skin. From hair fall to dandruff to moisturizing treatment for beautiful shiny hair. From a soothing oil to serum for a youthful body and plenty of other amazing products have everything our skin, hair and body need.

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Money-Back Policy

The very fact that they offer a full money back to the customer if they are not satisfied with the product shows that they are very confident that their product will be able to solve all our problems. If the product is not showing any result on you then you can easily have your money back. Because they believe that customer’s happiness is of prime importance. Hence, you can close your eyes and order it because you don’t have to worry about its efficiency or if you are wasting your money.

Find Your Regime

Brillare has your back if you are new to the world of cosmetics. If you are confused by seeing all these products and don’t know which to buy, Brillare can suggest to you the products you are in dire need of. They will ask you a series of questions related to what you are looking for and then they will give you the product that will help you the most based on your skin or hair type or your needs.

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Some Of Their Popular Products:

  • Hair-Fall Control Oil, Shampoo & Conditioner: These will strengthen your scalp and reduce hair fall significantly.
  • Deep Root Hydroil Hair Retention Kit: These will fully nourish and make it healthy in just 10 days. It will thicken your hair, reduce hair fall and increase your hair density.
  • Age Revival Kit: This contains a face wash, toner and a power drop that will help you tackle ageing effectively. It will help you tighten your skin and thoroughly nourish it.
  • Mindfulness Body Range: It contains a body wash, toner and a serum. It is certainly the best body care routine you can give your body with.
  • Happiness Body Range: It also contains a body wash, toner and a serum that will make not only your body but also you happy.
  • Oil Away Summer Kit: It contains a face wash, toner and power drop. It is best suited for acne-prone skin. It will clear your pores and remove excess oil from your skin.

With all these available in one store, even your skin is asking to make it feel good. Isn’t it?

So, grab your wholesome self-care products!