Bring Smiles With The Best Vision Soft Smile Programme!

Brand: Soft Smile

Founder: Khamzat Asabaev

Founding Date: 2019

Headquarters: New York, United States

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Soft Smile Systems Inc is an innovative company that is established in the heart of New York. The company mostly focuses more on innovation as well as improvisation through vision software. Apart from that, the company helps orthodontists worldwide deliver high-quality treatment to many of their patients. The incorporation has only seven employees and two companies across its different locations.

Due to its ability to make “smiles”, the company has gained worldwide recognition.

Software For Treatment

The digital treatment plan involves many features created by doctors to satisfy other doctors. The algorithms are mostly based on machine learning that assists doctors in giving the best treatment to all their patients. The Vision Software integrates and gets along with many innovations and treatments. Besides, it works well with a dental printer and is also helpful in procedures such as teeth orientation and segmentation.

Indeed, with such software, precision, as well as overall efficiency, is guaranteed. Apart from that, it will also assist the doctor to have full control over the patient’s overall treatment.


The software also tracks and processes the complete steps for a setup besides the complete treatment plan. Along with an automated setup, you can also expect excellent cloud infrastructure as well as the best precisions relying on biomechanics. Many problems are solved using the fundamental principles of orthodontics. The entire procedure from 3D printing is also eased with the system. Besides, there is no necessity of involving third parties either.

Doctors can now easily store data and upload more information on the system. They can also gain access to the stored information with the help of the cloud whenever they want. Vision is assembled with an effective positioning device that enables a physician to achieve absolute precision in treatment planning and tooth rolling under their expertise. Meanwhile, the software’s algorithms function as an autopilot, protecting both the physician and the patient from errors.

The Vision’s powerful built-in algorithm analyses all steps prescribed by an orthodontist while also calculating how many aligners are required to achieve the desired result – a perfect smile. The algorithm analyses all steps prescribed by an orthodontist.

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Overall Configuration Of The System

Soft Smile’s vision is the only treatment planning operating system that instantaneously plans the installation. Furthermore, it can carefully analyse a broad range of applied pressures and then place connections to certain locations to achieve the outcome anticipated by the physician. A dentist can generally make additional adjustments once

Vision has coordinated a configuration. The software application provides the doctors with most of the information necessary to make the necessary changes while ensuring that aligner recalculations and attachment positions are appropriate. Another consideration is indeed the speed & effectiveness of the software application, which assists medical practitioners in developing their practice. It is important to note that mechanization is not intended to replace a doctor; rather, it is intended to support him.

As a result, the health professional retains complete control over the therapy. The computer algorithm simply automates and easily interprets the majority of the tasks.


Quality is an essential aspect of this enhancement. The instruments and additional clinical features built into the operating system give healthcare professionals more confidence that their results will match what they see on the display. As a result, the number of trips to the doctor by a patient will be reduced. Indeed, any orthodontist professional may benefit greatly from all of this.

When vision was first launched, it attracted a considerable number of positive responses. Professionals are now able to create treatment plans tailored to their patients’ requirements using Vision, Soft Smile’s treatment planning program. Many patients have responded positively to the software’s Vision (beta) innovation ever since its release.

Indeed, it is no doubt that the medical industry can now reap the benefits of this smart technology.