Calories Are Never A Worry When Snackible Makes You Merry!

Brand: Snackible

Founders: Aditya Sanghavi

Founding Date: 2015

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Food & Beverages

Called the “new-age Haldirams”, Snackible is a brand, more focused on the health arena than anything else. It is a brand established to make diet life interesting.

Who wants to stick to weird green smoothies and tasteless salads as snacks for the rest of our lives?

Health-conscious people also crave junk food and snacks and hence, this brand is made to ease their hunger pangs. It allows you to gobble down all of your favourites without thinking of the calorie count.

The Story Behind Snackible’s Launch

Snackible was founded by yet another boy who did not know what to have between lunch and dinner that would not harm a person’s health in any way. To have fast food every day was never an option, but there weren’t many healthy snacks choices. Those that were available were either too expensive or not easily accessible. Therefore, Aditya decided to open a brand that would neither be expensive nor inaccessible.

Snackible is a snack brand that relieves you of the stress of choosing snacks for specific times of the day like in the evening, in between meetings, during a movie, or while studying for an exam. It is a calorie deficit and has the healthiest snacks possible to let you eat till your stomach’s satisfaction.

Uniq Stories - Snackible
Source: Snackible

Let Us Know What’s Different About The Brand

With an unhealthy lifestyle leading to horrendous diseases, the youth have become more self-conscious than ever. They tend to opt for healthier meals, work out and follow diets to lead a healthy life. What becomes a problem is that hour of confusion in between meals when one cannot consume junk food yet there aren’t many healthy options available.

The best part about Snackible is its health concern. It has the same variety as a fast-food corner of the range of snacks available in a market and more. But what matters is its ability to make those same recipes with such a healthy twist that it neither punishes your waistline nor destroys your gut health. They are surprisingly tasty, healthy, and smart; exactly the need of the hour.

Growth Of Snackible

Having become a brand of such success, all the products are manufactured in-house. Efforts are put in so much so that each product has different packaging.

The snacks made are also unique. All of them are made out of raw organic materials. To maintain the quality of the materials, they are sourced from different parts of the country. They are then tested and approved by the team for quality.

The snacks were few when the brand started; to date, the brand makes more than 17 snacks, all of them being the healthiest they could be. Every month at least 3 new products are added to the menu so that the menu isn’t boring and repetitive.

Uniq Stories - Snackible
Source: Snackible

What’s On The Menu?

With an emphasis on health in almost every line, one must become curious about their menu. Don’t worry we have got you covered. The menu seems to be customized for all the weight-watchers and extreme workout regime lovers!

These are some of the items present on the current menu of their website:

  • Cheddar Cheese Makhana
  • Baked Pizza Sticks with Jalapeno Dip
  • Wheat & Jaggery Cookies
  • Energy Bars
  • BBQ Beetroot Chips
  • Keto Nachos
  • Cheese Pesto Peanuts
  • Spiced Ragi Chips

Provided above are some of the most ordered and most favourite snacks amidst other items on their menu. They vary from keto-specific items to gluten-free, low-calorie, and also sugar-free snacks, all-in-one which has one factor in common, a healthy lot of ingredients.

When the menu sounds like that and tastes even more delicious, who wouldn’t finally leave procrastinating about a healthy lifestyle?

Uniq Stories - Snackible
Source: Snackible

Overall Review Of Snackible

Aditya’s brand seems to be a blessing in disguise for all those who have suffered the suffocating loop of fad diets that tastes not even half as good as these snacks do. Snackible’s popularity in recent times is proof of its benefits and that it is being successful in serving its sole motive- leading people into a life of health and happiness.

Consider this as your sign to open their website and order loads of affordable snacks that would let you stick to your diet without having to count calories forever!