Uniq Stories - Coffee First

Want deliciously affordable coffee? Coffee First is here for you!

Brand: Coffee First Founder: Murali Menon & Rahul Arun Founding date: 2019 Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka Industry: Restaurants & Cafes Coffee has the most pronounced effect on our brain, we...
Uniq Stories - Tania's Tea House

Be Instagram-Ready With Tania’s Tea House!

Brand: Tania’s Tea House Founder: Tania Lodi Founding Date: 2018 Headquarters: Dubai, UAE Industry: Restaurant & Cafes One of the most aesthetic cafes one can ever witness, Tania's Tea...
iFarm - Uniq Stories

iFarm – Smart technologies for growing vegetables, berries & greens!

Brand: iFarm Founder: Max Chizhov Founding Date: 2017 Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland Industry: Farming & More IFarm, an indoor farming solution is a provider of plug-and-play automated vertical farms. Data-driven...
Uniq Stories - Uncle Tony

Uncle Tony – Skincare that cares for Men!

Brand: Uncle Tony Founder: Founding Date: 2017 Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi Industry: Beauty & Personal Care Most men do not care about their skin or they do not have...
Uniq Stories - Play Quell

Quell – Now Exercising is Fun!

Brand: Quell Founder: Cameron Brookhouse & Doug Stidolph Founding Date: 2020 Headquarters: London, UK Industry: Technology Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world is put on pause. People can’t go...