Rust Orange - Uniq Stories

Rust Orange – Time To Slay The Contemporary Indian Hues!

Brand: Rust Orange Founders: Shashank A and Samik Sarkar Founding Date: 2016 Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh Industry: Fashion & Accessories What Makes Rust Orange A Unique Clothing Hub? Apart from...
Cure Fit - Uniq Stories

Cure Fit: All-In-One Healthy Lifestyle!

Brand: Cure Fit Founder: Mukesh Bansal & Ankit Nagori Founding Date: 2016 Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka Industry: Health & Fitness Good health and maintaining fitness are now an essential part...
Uniq Stories - Bare Necessities

Your Relationship With Bare Necessities Will Be As Non-toxic As It Can Get!

Brand: Bare Necessities Founder: Sahar Mansoor Founding Date: 2016 Headquarters: Bangalore, India Industry: Beauty & Personal Care Bare Necessities is a shopping brand whose main focus is living a...
Redwolf - Uniq Stories

Redwolf – An Indie Cool T-Shirt & Merch Brand!

Brand: Redwolf Founder: Ameya Thakur Founding Date: 2011 Headquarters: Mumbai, India Industry: Fashion & Accessories Redwolf is an independent clothing label that delivers a wide range of products inspired...
Uniq Stories - Strode E-Bikes

Strode E-Bikes: Relish The Unstoppable Ride

Brand: Strode E-Bikes Founder: - Founding Date: 2020 Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra Industry: Automotive We live in a world where technology is advancing at a lightning speed. Every day we...