Uniq Stories - Kissan

Reminiscing Childhood Moments With Kissan Jams & Squashes!

Brand: Kissan Founder: Founding Date: 1934 Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka Industry: Food & Beverages Kissan is quite a popular brand known for its delicious varieties of jams and kinds...
Biotique - Uniq Stories

Switch On The Glow Mode With Biotique!

Brand: Biotique Founder: Vinita Jain Founding Date: - Headquarters: Noida, India Industry: Beauty & Personal Care About The Company Biotique is an ayurvedic beauty and health products manufacturing company set...
Vasaas - Uniq Stories

Vasaas – Find out affordable clothing by the best designer in India

Brand: Vasaas Founder: Divyansh Kapoor Founding Date: 2020 Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka Industry: Fashion & Accessories About 'Vasaas- A class of its own' Vasaas is an online fashion store based out...
Uniq Stories - Black Baza Coffee

For All The Coffee Lovers, Black Baza Coffee Is Here For You!

Brand: Black Baza Coffee Founder: Arshiya Bose Founding Date: 2016 Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka Industry: Food & Beverages Black Baza coffee is a quintessential breakfast drink, your morning elixir, an...
Uniq Stories - Goli Gummy

Goli: Healthy Yet Yummy Gummy

Brand: Goli Founder: Michael Bitensky Founder Date: 2019 Headquarters: California, US Industry: Health & Fitness Candy is childhood, the best & the bright moments of life you wish could...