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Sleepy Owl Coffee – Brews That Charge Your Day!

Brand: Sleepy Owl Coffee Founder: Ashwajeet Singh, Ajai Thandi & Arman Sood Founding Date: 2016 Headquarters: New Delhi, India Industry: Food & Beverages Are you a hardcore coffee lover? Do you prefer cold brew coffee?...
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Baggit: From ₹7,000 Borrowed Money To ₹111 Cr. Valued Brand!

Brand: Baggit Founder: Nina Lekhi Founding Date: 1990 Headquarters: Mumbai, India Industry: Fashion & Accessories Every brand has a story to tell, so does Baggit – a one-stop destination...
Darshit Nayak - Uniq Stories

Darshit Nayak – Artist Spotlight

Name: Darshit Nayak Niche: Singer, Musician Location: Ahmedabad, India Industry: Creators, Artists About Darshit Nayak One of the most sensational cover songs of 20's - Woh Lamhe, hit the audience differently and crossed 2.5...
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Meesho: Paving The Way For A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs!

Brand: Meesho Founder: Vidit Aatrey Established In: 2015 Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka Industry: E-Commerce What Is Meesho? Meesho is an app that allows you to start your own online business by...
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By Nature’s Gummies – The Ultimate Secret to Healthy Skin

Brand: By Nature - Everyday Nutrition Founder: Yash kushwaha Founding Date: 2017 Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra Industry: Food & Beverages Do You Want Flawless Skin & Healthy Nails? Each one of...