Ravel Care - Uniq Stories

Ravel Care: Your Personalized Hair Care!

Brand: Ravel Care Founder: - Founding: 2019 Headquarters: India Industry: Beauty and Personal Care "Why can't my hair stop falling?" Ouch, this hurts.One of the most common problems these...
Meesho - Uniq Stories

Meesho: Paving The Way For A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs!

Brand: Meesho Founder: Vidit Aatrey Established In: 2015 Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka Industry: E-Commerce What Is Meesho? Meesho is an app that allows you to start your own online business by...
Uniq Stories - Silo, London

Silo, The First Zero-Waste Restaurant In The World!

Brand: Silo Founders: Doug McMaster Founding Date: 2011 Headquarters: London, UK Industry: Restaurants & Cafes How Did Silo Become A Thing? Silo was first formed in Australia in 2011. It...
Uniq Stories - Ayesha Accessories

Accessorize Yourself With Ayesha Accessories!

Brand: Ayesha Accessories President: Jacqueline Kapur Founding Date: 2009 Headquarters: Mangalore, Karnataka Industry: Fashion & Accessories Ayesha Accessories is indeed a thriving as well as a rapidly developing brand....
Uniq Stories - Play Quell

Quell – Now Exercising is Fun!

Brand: Quell Founder: Cameron Brookhouse & Doug Stidolph Founding Date: 2020 Headquarters: London, UK Industry: Technology Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world is put on pause. People can’t go...