Uniq Stories - Phab

PHAB: Eat healthily, live better

Brand: Phab Founder: Ankit Chona Founding Date: 2019 Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra Industry: Food & beverages To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.Francois de la...
Sleepy Owl Coffee - Uniq Stories

Sleepy Owl Coffee – Brews That Charge Your Day!

Brand: Sleepy Owl Coffee Founder: Ashwajeet Singh, Ajai Thandi & Arman Sood Founding Date: 2016 Headquarters: New Delhi, India Industry: Food & Beverages Are you a hardcore coffee lover? Do you prefer cold brew coffee?...
Paper Boat - Uniq Stories

The Journey Of Paper Boat Began With Four Friends!

Brand: Paper Boat Founder: Neeraj Biyani, Neeraj Kakkar Founding Date: 2013 Headquarters: Bangalore Industry: Food & Beverages A few years back, four guys were sitting together and having lunch....
Uniq Stories - Good Mylk

Good Mylk: The Best Vegan Alternative!

Brand: Good Mylk Founder: Abhay Rangan Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka Founding Date: 2015 Industry: Food & Beverages We all yearn to have a healthy lifestyle. And from the moment a...
Uniq Stories - Coco Cart

Coco Cart – Chocolates For Every Occasion!

Brand: Coco Cart Founder: Avantika Ahuja & Ayesha Ahuja Founding Date: 2020 Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra Industry: Food & Beverages “All you need is love”, some say. I prefer ‘All...