Cha Cha Matcha: Rock Your Life With Coffee In A Healthy Way!

Brand: Cha Cha Matcha

Founders: Matthew Morton & Conrad Sandelman

Founding Date: 2015

Headquarters: New York, United States

Industry: Restaurants & Cafes

With a catchy tagline that says “I love you so Macha” the brand’s name becomes a hit in the very first instance. The creativity put into thinking its brand name is what raises curiosity in people and thereby drives them to go and explore it. Founded in New York, one of the most happening states in the world, this Instagrammable Cafe is a sure shot hit.

What Is The Concept Behind Cha Cha Matcha?

The founders of this brand started it as opposed to the coffee culture that exists these days. The culture, to them, seems hyperbolic, extreme, and artisanal.

Hence, they decided to make changes by producing caffeinated drinks that aren’t ordinary. These drinks are made of matcha that is instantly known to provide peace and calm instead of the sudden boost of useless energy.

Uniq Stories - Cha Cha Matcha
Source: Cha Cha Matcha

What Makes Cha Cha Matcha So Popular?

Cha Cha Matcha is a renowned shop in New York. It has only grown day by day in its popularity especially among the youth and due to its long years of services, it has successfully gained the trust of its customers.

The most amazing of its features is the brand’s focus on Matcha as the main ingredient of the drinks. It has a huge fan following especially because its green hue has an Instagram appeal. What also amazes the customers is its interior. The brand has made sure to make the interior of its cafes chic, youth-oriented and social media-friendly.

Gladly enough it has been called the “Mecca Of Matcha-Connoisseurs”. The menu ranges from iced lattes to coffees, drinks served with icecreams, etc. the presentation of the dishes makes it eligible to be spammed on Snapchat.

What attracts everyone, even more, are its simple recipes. Though the cafes might add some secret ingredient to make the drinks taste like elixir, a near replication of the drinks is easily possible at home.

Why Does Cha Cha Matcha Focus Mainly On Matcha As An Ingredient?

Matcha is a popular Japanese green tea leaf. These leaves are finely milled and are prepared by mixing hot water to make them a frothy beverage. It has historical health benefits. matcha is known as one of the most antioxidant-dense foods on the planet.

Even consuming it daily would only benefit your bloating reduction and other health benefits. Being an antioxidant, it becomes a major requirement to fight inflammation, tissue damage, high cholesterol, and blood sugar.

These leaves are packed with specific amino acids that calm your nervous system instead of hyping it up in an unhealthy amount. Therefore, the caffeinated drinks of Cha Cha Matcha are a great switch to lead a healthy life.

Uniq Stories - Cha Cha Matcha
Source: Cha Cha Matcha

How Are These Youth-Favourite Drinks Made?

These amazing matcha drinks are made with utmost care and unique recipes. For all those who aren’t in New York, do not worry. The recipes are quite simple and can be replicated at home. These are the ingredients required to make the drinks:

  1. Matcha green tea powder (1 Tea-Spoon)
  2. Milk or milk substitute like almond milk, coconut milk, etc.
  3. Honey or agave according to your taste

The steps to make your favourite Cha Cha Matcha drink would be:

Mix matcha powder with water just enough to make a smooth paste. To the paste, add milk and honey (or any other sweetener of your choice). Keep stirring it until all the ingredients are mixed well. Make sure there are no clumps left as that would make the drink irregular in texture.

Pour the drink in an aesthetic glass and enjoy Cha Cha Matcha indoor!

Overview Of This Brand

Created to serve people; healthy appetizers, this brand has stood true to its motive. It serves a variety of drinks but makes sure that the quality is such that it can be consumed daily. That is what is making it a go-to cafe for every coffee addict.

One cannot ignore the cosy Instagrammable space it provides and the creativity of the food served. With an excellent menu selection, creativity, and love, Cha Cha Matcha is worth the attention it has been bestowed with.

Next time you’re in the city of youthfulness, you know where to fill your stomach with healthy coffee!