Club Feast: Deliveries With Good Food For A Good Mood!

Brand: Club Feast

Founder: Atallah A. & Ghazi Atallah

Founding Date: 2020

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Industry: Food & Beverages

We don’t need a silver fork to eat delicious mouthwatering food, right? Whether served on a china plate or a paper plate, having a meal a day together brings a sense of warmth and enhances the bonding between people. A meal becomes a feast when served with gratitude and this was the sole purpose behind the establishment of the Club Feast.

What Is Club Feast?

A technology company, Club Feast which focuses on delivering premium meals by connecting their subscribers with their favourite local restaurants and saving them 50% on their pre-scheduled food delivery, is a booming startup currently making deliveries in San Mateo and San Francisco.

With a flexible subscription plan which includes zero membership fee, they provide a discount of about 40% on orders from premium restaurants like Kasa Indian Eatery, Kitava, and The Halal Guys.

How Does Club Feast Function?

With an easy lunch-dinner subscription plan they provide their customer with a flexible way to pre-order their cravings from top locals at just $6.95 per meal. Consumers buy meal credits according to their need, that is they purchase these credits under how many meals they expect to order each week.

Meanwhile, signing up for a weekly plan they order at least a day before they want their feast, which helps the leading restaurants know about the quantity so that they can cook and plan efficiently.

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Source: Club Feast

Benefits Of Club Feast

Innumerable Options Of Leading Local Restaurants

With their specially curated meal section and a wide variety of filters available, it allows you to browse through your favourite restaurants at your fingertips.

Choose your meal, choose your restaurant and get it delivered at 50% lesser pricing compared to others. So obviously, it’s a win-win situation.

Advance Ordering & Punctuality

Open their app and pre-order your meal and receive your fresh feast on time. “Drive easy; Efficient routes” has been their motto ever since, they tended to remove stress and uncertainty related to the last-minute hassle of the delivery. Select your delivery and a 45-min delivery window in advance, hence you become the one who controls everything and enjoys the extravagant feast.

Provides Support To The Restaurant

Local restaurants as their partners, Club Feast tends to provide them with a helping hand. It encourages these locals to expand their customer base and earn profit from the increasing food delivery without charging them hefty fees. The concept of pre-ordering helps them optimize their use of time and kitchen work.

From maximizing efficiency to maintaining a streamlined workflow in addition to enhancing the profits, Club Feast has proved to be a boon for the restaurants.

Environment Friendly

Apart from being a terrific delivery partner, with pre-plan deliveries and batch orders, they make sure it is convenient for their drivers to make delivery in a short period by optimizing the routes for their motorists while simultaneously reducing the fuel usage thereby lowering the fuel cost.

Uniq Stories - Club Feast
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In this pandemic situation when food delivery became an essential need for people, this is when Club Feast touched milestones. Recently, the Feast announced $3.5M in seed funding led by General Catalyst. The main reason behind this success was preparing a customer user-friendly interface that allows users to save money, save time and save energy by getting the lavish dishes served at your doorsteps.

Unlike every delivery system present in the market, Club Feast decided to differentiate itself from others by permitting the subscription-based service to help the local restaurants and people in innumerable ways. So, from saving money to praise-worthy food delivery to enhancing profits, Club Feast is a treasure trove for all the foodies out there.

As we know dining is and always was an artistic opportunity, Club Feast delivers to you an opportunity to celebrate, laugh, strengthen, and more importantly to be hospitable.