Coco Cart – Chocolates For Every Occasion!

Brand: Coco Cart

Founder: Avantika Ahuja & Ayesha Ahuja

Founding Date: 2020

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Food & Beverages

“All you need is love”, some say. I prefer ‘All you need are Chocolates’. Chocolate is happiness that you not only feel but can eat too. They are little drops of heaven, which when melts in your mouth gives you a feeling of comfort and warmth. But finding the right brands can be tough. The preference of quality, texture, flavours is subjective to every individual and is not easily available in the grocery stores near you.

Coco Cart does the job for you justly, by providing the finest quality of chocolates from all around the world at your doorstep. You don’t have to wander anymore, market-to-market, mall-to-mall because now with just one click you can get it all in no time while laying on your bed.

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Source: Coco Cart

Why Coco Cart?

Founded in 2020, Coco Cart has served many in India who have a special place for chocolates in their hearts. It is India’s #1 Omni-channel retailer and distributor of imported chocolates. In just a small amount of time, the brand has accomplished so much, 17 brick & mortar stores, E-commerce operations in 10 cities and B2B distribution across the whole nation. With brands from every corner of the world, to provide only the best to its customers, Coco Cart also has a permanent address in Mumbai in the form of a cafe, ‘Cococafe’.

The company believes in putting their customers first and delivers the items by using cold storage containers so that you can have your favourite chocolate reach to you in mint condition, ready for immediate consumption. This way the chocolates are protected from any external variable and are delivered to you safe and sound. And all the products are 100% authentic, verified and sourced directly from the brands.

The brand also comes up with offers regularly and specials, gift hampers during the festive seasons as it makes up for a perfect gift for the people you love. The warmth and satisfaction of these cocoa-based products help you to portray your love for the ones who deserve it. With the help of brands like Coco Chocolatier, Dimello, Galaxy, Jouy & Co. Coco Cart, Toblerone, Coco Cart has successfully put a smile on thousands of faces and is working to do more.

Uniq Stories - Coco Cart
Source: Coco Cart

Categories Of Goodness!

The brand has divided the servings of its products into three major categories. The Sharing Pack, which has enough quantity to serve you with your loved one and fill your heart with delighted goodness. The Snacking portion includes servings of chocolates from your desired brands around the world for one person only. You can have them as a part of your pampering session to enjoy to the fullest extent. And of course, the Gifting packs, which are made so that you can get great deals and deliver the best to the people you care about. You can also get offers and discounts on every purchase like 1+1, get the lowest item for free etc. for some extra.

Causes Of Euphoria!

There is a variety of options the Coco Cart offers to its customers which include, biscuits, spreads, coffee & hot chocolate, dark chocolates, white chocolates, milk chocolates and last but not the least vegan chocolates for those who are a bit fitness freaks. You can choose whatever your heart desires from their collection which will help you put a smile on your face.

Uniq Stories - Coco Cart


Chocolates are for everyone, from a child to a senior citizen, the sweetness in the chocolates binds people together. Coco Cart, as the name suggests, is a service that ships products made of cocoa directly to your place, from the brands you love, without the interference of a middle man. They carefully package and deliver what you love in a cold storage container to be safe in every way possible.

The goodies sweet company offers can either be a gift to yourself or a loved one. They are perfect for every season and occasion, especially in an Indian household where sweets are of much importance. You just have to choose and leave the rest on Coco Cart, with their amazing prices and offers you only get the best because for them, your happiness matters.