Want deliciously affordable coffee? Coffee First is here for you!

Brand: Coffee First

Founder: Murali Menon & Rahul Arun

Founding date: 2019

Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Industry: Restaurants & Cafes

Coffee has the most pronounced effect on our brain, we feel more awake and less tired and it improves our energy level. It has been appreciated for centuries for helping us manage drowsiness, headaches and for making us feel lively.

Karnataka supplies 70% of India’s total coffee harvest because of its amazing topography and climatic condition for coffee plantations.

What is Coffee First?

Coffee First is a new coffee brand in Bangalore with lovely artisan coffee. It has a broad variety of coffee blends and brews, from Hazelnut to Mocha every cup fills you up with delight. With Rahul Arun known as “The Provider” of Coffee First, who belongs to a family of coffee planters in Chikmagalur, Coffee First has direct access to the best beans and is successful in eliminating the middlemen process, with the help of automatic machines they maintain a good consistency in every cup of coffee.

Is it pocket-friendly?

Yes, the monetary factor is very important but when it comes to Coffee First, you need not worry about the budget. Geetu Mohhani, A National Barista Champion in 2018 with good experience in the coffee industry including Starbucks, has crafted the menu at Coffee First which caters to the needs of consumers.

With automated machinery causing the reduction in manpower, all lattes, cappuccino, espressos, classic cold coffees, and creamy caramel macchiatos, everything has highly affordable pricing.

Uniq Stories - Coffee First
Source: Coffee First

What are the different kinds of blends it offers?

They serve Svara and Armonia coffee blends which are smooth and subtly rich with toasted nuts and cocoa which serve as the perfect reflection of delicious coffee.

Apart from the classics, it offers:

  • Espresso: Rich, bittersweet, a strong black coffee
  • Café Latte: Classic combination of milk and coffee, smoothly balanced for a softer palate experience
  • Cappuccino: Sweet, thick, creamy and densely foamed to linger upon
  • Dark Mocha: Bittersweet and incredibly flavorful

And many more, It has some of its House Specials which should not be missed:

  • Gud Americano: Black and strong with the wholesome sweetness of jagger
  • Cinnamon Cold Coffee: Cinnamon-infused cold coffee, heavenly in taste
  • Orange Bilimbi Cappuccino: Tangy candy coffee made from the extracts of orange and bilimbi, mixed with espresso and densely foamed milk, and sweetened with vanilla

The sheer variety of coffee guarantees that there’s a cup for every kind of person which is why this place is blooming every day and has become a shining spotlight today.

Does it have a good ambience?

Now, ambience plays a very important role in determining the progress of a particular place. Humans have a very impressionable mind, we have always heard of the saying “First Impression Is The Last Impression“, thus a good ambience is key to gain customers.

Uniq Stories - Coffee First
Source: Coffee First

Talking of Coffee First, it has a beautiful ambience with a calm and cosy surrounding, they have made true efforts to keep you surrounded by a positive, nourishing and uplifting environment. With a good atmosphere, it has become a popular spot to hang out with friends or to spend some alone time with wondrous coffee. In addition to an elegant ambience, it also has good customer service which adds to its success.

It has 3 different outlets currently at:

  • Amintiri on Museum Road
  • Happy Belly Bakes’ outlets at Ulsoor
  • Primrose Road

Keeping the current COVID situations in mind they are also delivering through online platforms such as Zomato, Swiggy, and their website from where you can choose your blend and get tempting coffees delivered to you at your doorstep.


Coffee First is a perfect place for all coffee lovers. With its highly knowledgeable team and affordable pricing, it is a place one should visit without a doubt.

With all four elements in equal measure- the coffee, the blend, the service, and the amazing ambience, Coffee First ensures that drinking coffee with your friends in their outlet could make you feel heavenly, blissful, and delighted.