Take A Step Today For A Healthy Tomorrow With Conscious Food!

Brand: Conscious Food

Founders: Kavita Mukhi

Founding Date: 1990

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Food & beverages

In today’s era, diseases have become common. These arise from our unhealthy lifestyle, lack of knowledge on how to lead a healthy life, and poor eating habits. In times like these what becomes our saviour are brands like Conscious Food. This brand has existed for 3 decades, serving people the right food and nutrition they need to live a healthy and hearty life. Founded by Kavita Mukhi, this brand’s existence is crucial in a society with such oblivious poor habits.

How Did Conscious Food Come Into Being?

This brand at its struggling stage catered only to a small group of people who believed in organic food. It was then situated in Malabar Hill, Mumbai. It started becoming popular when diseases were on the rise and people got to know how eating habits affect health. Since the youth today is very conscious of health, Conscious Food has become a hero to them. It is now a trusted brand for organic food in India which is available both online and in stores across the country.

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Source: Conscious Food

Why Did They Choose To Focus On Organic products?

The reason for being completely focused on organic products is not just the health benefits but also the benefits it renders to the environment.

  • Organic farming is proactive and alters the negative effects caused by extensive agriculture in the country. This kind of farming uses natural fertilizers that do not destroy the nutritional value of crops. This increases the fertility of the soil.
  • Organic farming helps to prevent pollution and climate change.
  • It uses lesser energy and avoids water pollution by unnatural pesticides.
  • Many a time they indirectly increase the return of carbon to the soil that raises productivity.

Thereby, organic products are not just good for our digestive systems, they are tremendously helpful in restoring Earth’s fertile soils.

Why Should One Opt For Conscious Food Amidst So Many Other Organic Brands?

This brand does not compromise with the quality and authenticity of its products. All of their products are an outcome of Organic farming. The processes are carefully judged by authorities and only when they are natural, minimally processed, and free from artificial ingredients are they allowed to be sold in the market.

This brand supports small farmers and NGO’s and so buying from them might be your small contribution to the unnoticed labour of our farmers.

The products are stored maintaining utmost hygiene even in their warehouses. They are known to opt for the highest standards of packaging so that the customers feel the care and obedience in their work. Inspection and cleaning is a daily routine of their products.

Uniq Stories - Conscious Food
Source: Conscious Food

Let Us Talk About The Brand’s Mission

Kavita Mukhi has successfully created a brand that caters to the needs of the youth today. She is mindful of how a proper diet can uplift a person’s health and so her efforts of serving people’s immunity and health is very evident. The brand has been established with a few missions and goals.

  1. They want to promote organic farming so that the environment isn’t harmed any longer for our selfish needs.
  2. They encourage small farmers and their labour.
  3. They employ farmers not as mere labourers but as contributors. They are dignified employees of this organization.
  4. They do not believe in gender discrimination. Women have proved to be equal in every field as a man and therefore the brand supports women’s participation.

What Are Some Of The Products Served By This Brand?

Being an all-organic brand, Conscious Food provides a huge variety of natural, harmless, and nutrition-dense products. Some of the products are:

  • Ghee and oils
  • Sugar and honey
  • Flours
  • Grains and cereals
  • Organic pulses
  • Organic and wholesome snacks
  • Spices and seasoning
  • After meal products that help with digestion

Such a variety of gut-friendly products can be only found in Conscious Food. They cover almost all the major grocery needs of a household.

Uniq Stories - Conscious Food
Source: Conscious Food

Overview Of Conscious Food

Conscious Food is one step away from making you and your family healthy. We indulge in so many food habits in the name of taste and fun that we forget that these might be life-taking dangerous. Diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer are mainly due to what we take lightly- our choice of eating.

Conscious Food reassures our faith in the purity of food products we consume. They are both stomach and eco friendly at the same time.

Without wasting much time, take a step today for a healthy tomorrow with organic food products of Conscious Food.