Coolberg – India’s Leading Zero Alcoholic Beer!

Brand: Coolberg

Founder: Yashika and Pankaj Aswani

Founding Date: 2016

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Food & Beverages

Coolberg presents a non-alcoholic range of drinks. It is perfect for any gathering, any mood, or any festival without having a hangover the next morning. This brand makes sure you enjoy your parties, outings, or casual hangouts to the utmost without being dependent on alcohol. You will still have all the memories fresh in your mind when you wake up the next day and the best part is that those memories won’t constitute disgusting puke stories!

Let Us Know How Coolberg Was Created

The founders of this brand, Yashika and Pankaj, have rocked the world of drinks with their ideas of creating the brand. Pankaj says that he has always been a teetotaler and so there were not many drinks as options while socializing with friends. It was this problem that gave rise to the idea of a non-alcoholic beer. With his genius mind, he has become a saviour for all those people who do not prefer alcohol. With Coolberg you won’t feel left out while all your friends are engrossed in spoiling their liver.

How Are These Unique Drinks Made?

There are 3 steps in which these drinks are processed.

  1. The first step is to carefully handpick barley grains to get them melted into water. This germinates the grains that later result in the finest malt. This is how the Coolberg drinks taste like beer.
  2. The blend is then boiled intensely followed by cooling that leads to the maturation of the concoction. This rich mixture is then processed for its non-alcoholic properties.
  3. The final decorated drink is bottled up and is now ready to be served. These bottles go out to their fans and quench their thirst.
Uniq Stories - Coolberg
Source – Coolberg

What Are The Flavours Available?

There are in total 6 flavours of drinks available of this brand. These are as follows:

  1. Malt – this flavour could be passed off as real beer in a blind test.
  2. Cranberry
  3. Ginger
  4. Mint
  5. Strawberry
  6. Peach.

They are all dressed up in strong glass bottles with a capacity of 330ml. The packaging is designed to consume the eyes of the customers. The 6 flavours taste incredible, so much so that it is quite hard to believe these beers are non-alcoholic. The team at Coolberg is proud of themselves for creating a unique recipe with the right amount of sweetness. The drinks are brewed to perfection in a natural base of hops and malt with an additional fizz that replenishes your taste buds.

Recognition That Coolberg Has Earned And For The Right Reasons

The brand has seen a maddening demand for its drinks in recent times. They have become the people’s favourite. Not only so, the most renowned of newspapers couldn’t help but print in praise of this brand. Hugely recognized newspapers like The Hindu, DNA, VC Circle, food service, ET Rise, etc. have mentioned its huge growth, setting the market on fire and its plan of market expansion.

Uniq Stories - Coolberg
Source – Coolberg

Pankaj Awasthi was a successful chartered accountant until he became the founder of his brand and named it Coolberg. He has known fame since then. The brand recently completed its 4 years of existence and Pankaj has already appeared in Forbes 30 under 30, the biggest achievement of any entrepreneur’s career. He is one of the most known faces in the entrepreneurial field and is looked up to by millions of young businessmen wanting to establish their palaces.

Overall Review Of The Brand

The sparkling golden brew of Coolberg isn’t just a fizzy drink that is bottled up in a glass of confinement. It is a signature of freedom and a journey of pride that has found its way to walk the talk of self-expression.

This brand that serves non-alcoholic beer is perfect for all young teenagers as well as for those who are not granted to have alcohol legally. The beers taste exactly like real ones only saving your belly from becoming a beer belly. Each flavour is of a kind, not limiting you to only one flavoured drink during gatherings. You can make one your favourite and stick with it.