Creatures Of Habit: Your Finest All-Natural Fabrics Store!

Brand: Creatures of Habit

Founders: Pallavi Desai & Shantum Gupta

Founding date: 2018

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

What stands out more about Creatures of Habit than the rest of the fashion brands?

Creatures of Habit is on a mission to free people’s wardrobes of expensive, fancy clothes that need high maintenance. Clothes that do not last for a single summer before a new trend sets in and just bring one back to basics. Their style is massively inspired by daily-wear clothing and hence provides utmost comfort in any season. 

The brand came into existence in 2018 and has been a huge success ever since. After all, who wants to wear uncomfortable clothes when style can co-exist with comfort?

Let us know a bit about the journey of the brand, about how it came into existence.

Quite surprisingly, both the founders of the brand do not have a degree in the fashion industry. It was formed out of their frustration of searching for clothes that might be suitable for everyday use.

The two founders have kept their brand as reasonable as possible so that it not only suits the aristocrats but also the common people. They started with a mission of making perfect t-shirts and have now become a brand of style, with creative inputs that can form the base of any modern wardrobe.

Uniq Stories - Creatures Of Habit
Source: Creatures Of Habit

How does it benefit the environment apart from saving us the trouble of finding comfortable clothes?

Soon in their journey of clothes, the founders realized that the current fashion industry followed terrible polluting habits and at once decided to stop exploiting nature. They steer clear of polyester and plastic in any form during the process. They only use truly versatile natural fibres from scratch which do negligible harm to the environment.

When it comes to packaging, everything from their labels to the thread is made of all-natural materials which are 100% biodegradable. Their clothes come in an unbleached cotton bag with zippers on top that might be reused for household chores. The clothes are of a high quality that can be enjoyed on a daily basis whilst being harmless to nature at the same time.

To have comfortable clothes at a price that doesn’t burn holes in your pocket is a miracle!

The best policy about buying clothes from Creatures of Habit is that it offers free shipping on all orders. That means no extra shipping charges will be levied on the items added to your order. The “14 days returns and exchanges” gives ample time to decide if you want something changed. It accepts both online and offline modes of payment.

There is a wide range of clothing available on their website with impressive, subtle colours and a butter-soft comfort feeling. The quality of the clothes seems too good to be true at such prices. The fitting of the fabric is flattering as if it was custom-made just for you. Bring home some of the most comfortable yet stylish clothes and make statements daily.

It’s a bet that your first order won’t be your last!

Categories of the clothes found in this brand are as follows:

Uniq Stories - Creatures Of Habit
Source: Creatures Of Habit

For men:

  • Tshirts 
  • Shorts
  • Sweats

For women:

  • Tops & Tees
  • Tanks
  • Dresses
  • pants

These categories also have subcategories, for example, there are 6 different subcategories alone in the t-shirt section for men. All of the clothes are designed to be cool, breathable, and appealing to others. Whether you want a solid dress for a lounge party or a printed tee for a movie day, worry not because Creature of Habit has got you covered!

Overall review of Creature of Habit

This is one brand that is sure to become a youth favourite in the coming times due to its combination of hassle-free style and comfort on an everyday basis. The two entrepreneurs who founded the brand have overdone themselves in bridging the gap between comfort and style. Be it lazy Mondays or exhausted Fridays, Creature of Habit will have a perfect cloth for every mood.

The brand has put in all to break conventional rules of the fashion industry by thinking about the environment and using natural materials so that on their way to the top, they do not cost the environment its resources.

So people, let yourselves finally relax and enjoy the clothes from the brand that is specially made to get rid of your frustration of searching for daily-wear clothes.