eKincare: Your Personal Health Assistant!

Brand: Ekincare

Founder: Kiran Kalakuntla & Srikanth Samudrala

Founding Date: 2014

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India

Industry: Health & Fitness

Health is wealth, but this phrase has lost its meaning nowadays. We somehow end up ignoring our health. In the rush of advancing careers and achieving a higher standard of living, we do not care enough about our health and wellness. We think that we are healthy and well outside, but we have no idea what is happening inside our bodies.

We assume everything is fine until we get a health scare in form of a heart attack or stroke. We don’t know that we’re having a heart ailment unless we have a heart attack. We don’t know that our body is low on blood or sugar until we feel dizzy. Sometimes, it is okay not to know everything, but what if this denial and carelessness lead to something awful? What if it is too late?

How Does eKincare Help You?

We understand that we do not have enough time for everything. We are too busy to get all the blood work or tests done. Here is where eKincare comes into the picture and provides a one-stop solution to all your health problems.

eKincare is a data-driven health app that caters closely to everybody’s health needs and ensures measurable wellness. It helps every user to keep their health and fitness on track. The app brings your clinic to you. It is a time saving and anytime accessible health assistant. This will help you to stay healthy and fit without any fuss.

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Source: Ekincare

Motive Of eKincare

eKincare was founded by Kiran Kalakuntla and Srikanth Samudrala in the year 2014. Its headquarters is located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It was started to make health an important aspect of life for everyone. Everyone wants to stay healthy, but not everyone makes the effort to stay healthy. In our busy schedules, we often fail to manage our health and fitness. As a solution to this, eKincare keeps track of your health. It helps in getting checkups done and motivates you to stay healthy.

How eKincare Works?

eKincare is an application available on the Play Store. Once you download the application, it asks you some health-related queries and information such as name, email, etc. This allows the user to build up a personalized profile, containing their health score. According to your health records, it customizes an in-app clinic for you. It shares your fitness statistics, such as the number of steps walked, fitness score, stamina, etc.

This application is designed for professional and personal purposes. Any company willing to offer its employees health insurance can collaborate with eKincare and have better offers. According to the health plan selected by the company, the application provides health schedules to the employees of the company.

Ekincare - Uniq Stories

Individually, any elder member of the family can join and pick a health plan, and then all the members of that family will be able to enjoy the benefits of the application. Track the health of your family members and give them exclusive access to all health benefits. With the help of all your stored health data, the application can predict future health risks. You can avoid these risks through customized health coach programs.

It also brings you the facility of doctors who are available all the time. You can speak with a doctor from the comfort of your home or anywhere, anytime 24*7. This also helps you to book appointments with doctors in person (if required) and allows you to order your medicinal requisites online, giving you an advantage of discount coupons. It saves your time, your health, and your wealth.


In short, download this tiny application on your mobile and save yourself from health risks and huge bills. Know all about your body and stay healthy and fit. Get your hassle-free and time-saving clinic now!