Ela Wear: Fashionable Yet Comfortable!

Brand: Ela Wear


Founding Date:

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Being a superwoman is tough. You have to handle everything and people will expect you to be perfect all the time. You have to manage work, home, and most importantly yourself. Self-care hence becomes very significant to show ourselves some love. An exercise is a form of self-care, and clothes that are fit for exercise or sports can often not be used for any other activities.

When you are home, you always wish to be comfortable above anything else. But imagine an unexpected guest coming and you are wearing your comfortable and sloppy clothes. We will run for a change. It’s very hard to find clothes that are fit for wearing at all these events. If it is comfortable, it won’t be fashionable, or if it is fashionable, we won’t be able to use it for activities like exercise or sports. This is exactly what Ela Wear solves for you.

Source: Ela Wear

What Is Ela Wear?

Ela Wear sells an attractive range of fashionable yet comfortable cloth-line for all the beautiful and powerful women out there. They aim to widen the boundaries between everyday wear and sportswear by making them stylish and classy. So instead of buying different clothes for all these events you can just buy from Ela Wear and slay all the events with equal finesse and confidence. They have a variety of modern and unique style fitness wear that will make you fall in love with them and you will want to always keep wearing them.

Comfort First!

It is certainly hard to believe that something so stylish can be so comfortable to wear. They carefully design all their clothes with ultrasoft and premium material that will make you want to wear them all the time. But that doesn’t mean that they compromise with the look and style of the wear. The colour of the clothes is very attractive and will suit your mood and want.

With the lockdown and the pandemic, Ela Wear becomes the best excuse for you to stay at home or even exercise at home. Hence, an option to worry is unavailable on, this platform.

Source: Ela Wear

Trendy & Classy

All their clothes reflect classiness hitting this modern era. Their exclusive design screams modernity and the simple colours and patterns scream elegance. Match the top to the bottom from Ela Wear or only buy either the top or bottom and style them your way, because it will go with everything and every mood. They are available in all sizes to respect you and your comfort.

Easy Refund Policy

In case you brought the clothes you like from Ela Wear and it doesn’t fit or if the clothes you received were damaged in any way you can easily request Ela Wear for a return within 15 days and place a new order right away. The refund will be transferred to your account within 7 working days. So, you don’t have to think twice before getting yourself or your loved ones this perfect gift.

Some Of Their Popular Items:

Source: Ela Wear
  • Effortless Sweatpants & Cropped Top:
    Their very attractive and mellow blue colour will make your hands itch to buy them. You can wear them for a workout or wear them when you are chilling at home or even if you want to go outside and chill with your friends. It will give you the perfect funky and modern look. You can pair it with a matching cropped top and complete the look.
  • Trendsetter Camouflage Bra & Leggings:
    Perfect for a heavy workout or a hot afternoon. Pair it with their leggings to complete the look. They come in 2 colours black and green.
  • Head Turner Seamless Bra & Leggings:
    They are the perfect combination if you want to have a feeling that you are not wearing anything because they are as light as feathers. They come in rose and grey colours.

Ela Wear will give you a wholesome experience through just clothes, so grab your colour today!