Enjoy Homemade Cuisines At The Home Food Today!

Brand: The Home Food

Founder: Abhinava Kini

Founding Date: 2012

Headquarters: Mangalore, Karnataka

Industry: Restaurants & cafes

The Home Food was mainly started as a virtual restaurant catering to customers who miss their tiffin or have no time to prepare themselves some good food. This online brand was founded in 2012 and is established in Mangalore, Karnataka. If you are searching for healthy, hygienic as well as scrumptious homemade food, then The Home Food is one of the best options for you. Apart from that, the online restaurant makes sure that the healthy dishes fulfil all the nutritional requirements. The team that runs the restaurant are bright individuals that are passionate as well as enthusiastic about new dishes and their benefits.

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Typically, the community eats in the family kitchen, where the meals are lovingly prepared by parents, spouses, and daughters. However, as the economy has grown and people’s lifestyles have changed, this has taken a turn. But the chefs and cooks here have managed to bring in the same output as you would have had a few decades ago.

They give home-cooked South Indian and North Indian meals to countless homesick persons who have had to migrate to Mangalore for the job and live away from their family as a Tiffin service supplier, catering to families, Visiting Tourists, and offices around the city of Mangalore. Due to the time limitation of the city’s office workers and students, The Home Food tries to make their lives a bit simpler by delivering tasty healthy meals at affordable rates.

The handy experts create daily menus to deliver the best aroma of bud. They try their best to always deliver right to your door, every day or whenever you need it. You may also choose between monthly and yearly subscription levels. There are varieties of packing alternatives available too. Apart from that, the menu changes virtually every day, offering consumers additional variety and options to pick from. Whenever you need food, The Home Food will deliver it to you.

Uniq Stories - The Home Food
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An intriguing aspect of this virtual business is that the food provided is all handmade. Aside from that, no toxic chemicals or food items will cause harm throughout the cooking procedure. Furthermore, meat and vegetables are prepared fresh for sanitary reasons. There are many dishes served for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snacks. Apart from that, the price range is quite affordable. The online food ordering process is also easy to proceed with and you can expect your food in less than an hour. Many individuals have left positive feedback after a happy and satisfying meal here. Thus indeed, giving the food here is a must.

People want a pleasurable eating experience, which involves a wonderful location, the perfect spirit, the best characteristics, as well as a proper ambience. The design, cosy seats, music in the background, spaciousness, and illumination all contribute to the restaurant’s ambience. The Home Food maintains a high benchmark for customer satisfaction and makes sure that every meal is of the same professional level, even when operating as an online restaurant brand. The chefs are also aware of their customers’ demands. Besides, the chef collaborates effectively with the management to make sure that the customers receive the foods exactly as they wanted.

There are many dishes available, such as the Non-Veg meal for 6 days plan and Veg meal for 6 days plan that are now up in the delivery section of the website. Although the delivery charges may depend, the overall cost is sure to be way less than you think. Apart from that, you can now order them online. In case you face any issues or problems, you can contact the friendly staff as well as the customer support team that will guide you throughout the ordering process.

Uniq Stories - The Home Food
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A Home To Many

Indeed, such a great restaurant is worth a visit. Therefore, bring your friends as well as your families and have the best time of your life at The Home Food. If you are still unsure about your opinion, then you can browse and check out their reviews.