Ether Chocolates: Sweetness That Melts Your Hearts!

Brand: Ether Chocolates

Founder: Chef Prateek Bakhtiani

Founding Date: 2018

Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Food & Beverages

A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine.

Who doesn’t love chocolates? From the eldest member of the house to the youngest, chocolate is something that is loved by all. It acts as a delicious cure for a bad day. From being referred to as Cioccolato in Italian to Cokelat in the Indonesian language, it spreads joy all over the world.

Now, every chocoholic person has a dream to visit the chocolate factory at least once in their lifetime, right? They always wonder, is any chocolate factory for real as shown in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? If yes, what happens inside this heavenly place dripping with delight? Where can you find such a place? How can you get these manufactured bonbons directly delivered to you?

Well, the answer to all your questions is: Ether: Atelier Chocolat

What Is ETHER: Atelier Chocolat?

Ether is an atelier where people craft artisanal chocolates with utmost care and under the supervision of knowledgeable people popularly known as the artisan. They use their immense knowledge in this field to make tempting flavours and designs of chocolates.

How did ETHER Chocolates Start?

Chef Prateek Bakhtiani with earlier work experience in chemical research found his immense love and passion for desserts and chocolates, hence decided to study pastry at the well-known institute of Paris, Le Cordon Bleu. With a desire to gather more information about these sweet little bites, he travelled to Antwerp and even worked as a chef at some of the famous restaurants in the United States, France, and Belgium.

While working at Atelier Melissa Coppel in Las Vegas, he realized India lacked good quality chocolates and was determined to fill this void, hence decided to come up with Ether which was built on the foundation of simplicity and innovation. His experience and immense knowledge gained over four years serving as the backbone of Ether.

Uniq Stories - Ether Chocolates
Source: Ether Chocolates

What Makes It Stand Apart?

Premium Quality Chocolates

Based on the principle of finding creative and innovative ways in the exploration of chocolates, this atelier makes sure that the chefs are well acquainted with the origin and composition of the chocolates and study them in the finest details to make them the finest available in the market.

Chef Bakhtiani believes in immersing himself in the emotional ecosystem to design the palette which is focused on maintaining quality and balance. Almost all chocolates at Ether are single origin or single plantation pure chocolate, with origins from Indonesia to Peru to Madagascar.

After testing the quality, they ensure that these premium flavoured and textured chocolates reach out to every chocolate enthusiast across the country.

Witness The Making Of These Heavenly Bites

Yes, it does sound like a fantasy to visit this place and watch them make these bonbons with pure delicacy and care. Well, Ether Atelier comprises a viewing gallery from where all the chocoholics can witness the making and designing of these confectioneries and can also participate in the creative process taking place at Ether.

Magnificent Packaging

As we know, the packaging is a theatre that is capable of creating a remarkable story, Ether Chocolates created its brand identity with Design Stack as its partner. The Design Stack made sure that their intelligence is reflected in the form of their design. They designed the packaging for bonbons, pallets, and assortments of tablets with elegant gold and black aesthetics reflecting royalty. In addition to the customized typography depicting subtlety, purity, and richness. Good packaging protects the product but great packaging as provided by Design Stack protects the brand.

What Does Ether Bring To You?

Its special seasonal collection includes:

  1. Tablets
  2. Pallets
  3. Preserves

Some of its top picks include:

  1. Noir: An expression of fine dark chocolate. These Dominican chocolates are featured with a pinch of volcanic salt also with pecans, cocoa, and earl grey.
  2. Sultan Box: It is a bar of lively artisanal chocolate blended with spiced black tea and magnificent fragrance and flavour. It is an unmatched combination of spice and sweetness.
  3. Smoke: Twist on the classical Madagascar dark chocolate smoked with cherry wood overnight and organic Malta oranges peel, hence providing you immense delight and bliss.
Uniq Stories - Ether Chocolates
Source: Ether Chocolates


Ether Chocolates allows you to order a Seasonal collection of cakes too, with the tiniest details consisting of the details of making to the baking of the cake is provided on the website, hence making it easier for the customer to place their order.

Yes, money can’t buy happiness but it can definitely buy you chocolates which is equivalent to bliss; thus, what are you waiting for? Go to ETHER: Atelier Chocolat and treat yourself and your loved ones with the amazing bonbons available.