FabAlley, Letting You Style With Confidence, ladies!

Brand: FabAlley

Founders: Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar

Founding Date: 2012

Headquarters: Noida, India

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Faballey is an all women-clothing brand founded by two women. The brand intends to empower women all over the country so that they can find confidence and comfort as they are.

This brand is bold and fashion-forward that aims at making options available for women so that they can look their beautiful selves. They cover all types of looks be it street style, the runways, or casuals.

This brand has become a boon for all women and their diversified taste in fashion.

How Did FabAlley Come Into Existence?

The brand was founded in 2012 by the two founders armed with degrees in business. They had an immense passion for a start-up of their own and so at the prime age of 25-years, the two founders quit their corporate jobs, risked all of their savings, and invested to bring FabAlley to life.

The two founders are themselves fashionistas and their interest in serving the needs of others gave rise to one of the largest online fashion brands in India.

What Makes Their Products Unique In A Market Of Overflowing Fashion Brands?

FabAlley is inspired by celeb style and global trends and is a western wear brand. The products of this brand are different from most other brands because it isn’t bought ready-made and sold.

They are designed in-house by young talented designers of the brand. The designs are kept parallel to the needs of the independent, confident, and multi-tasking women customers.

They keep updating new designs on a weekly basis so that the customers have vast options to choose from. They, therefore, are a rapid fashion brand.

The brand’s inclusive nature makes sure that they have something for everyone – from trendy clothes to elite dresses to cocktail looks and more.

Uniq Stories - FabAlley
Source: FabAlley

FabAlley Inspires You To Embrace Yourselves

The two owners Tanvi and Shivani believe that beauty and sexiness have no size. They, therefore, make clothes that are breezy as well as body-hugging. The breezy clothes let you be you without being too concerned about your edges while the bodycon dresses give those curves the attention they deserve. The clothes seem to be made just for you!

They use hashtags like #AlleyGals to support women in their struggle and inspire them to be unapologetically themselves. They consider these girls to be the brand’s ambassadors who inspire people from all walks of life.

Let Us Now Have A Look At Their Products

The online site is made pretty customer-friendly so as to help anyone new to online shopping meet their needs at once. The clothes are made of cotton, polyester, silk, etc. suitable for every season and every occasion. The categories of their products are as follows:

  • Accessories
  • Lounge-wear
  • Summer-wear
  • Winter-wear
  • Curve
  • Dresses
  • Tops

The curve section is strictly dedicated to the women with curves. These women tend to go through a lot more than the others, objectification and cat-calling become their everyday affair. There is no one as insecure of their bodies as they are. Hence, to erase their insecurities, FabAllay came up with this section.

The new in is an interesting section to keep your fashion knowledge up-to-date with the latest trends. All the trendy attires and appealing clothes seem to be segregated into one section to locate it easily.

Uniq Stories - FabAlley
Source: FabAlley

An Overview Of FabAlley As A Brand

All the categories seem to be dedicated to women’s fashion. As rare as it is, it is also bold of the creators to be completely focused on women and their needs in a patriarchal society.

Not only has it become a hit recently, women now specifically search for the brand for its reasonable prices and uncompromising quality.

They tend to make clothes that would only promote self-care and body positivity. It was quite necessary for such brands to exist in an era that doesn’t think twice before objectifying women. In a world that still believes fair is beautiful and slim is precious, brands like FabAlley are a direct attack on the toxic notions of beauty.

Ladies, do not have double thoughts before buying things from this brand. It is sure to become your favourite immediately!