FAE Beauty – Admire your true self & level up your make-up game!

Brand: FAE Beauty

Founder: Karishma Kewalramani

Founding date: 2018

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Beauty & personal care

Fae beauty is one of a kind with a range of beauty products that suits every one of us. They call their products “something real, authentic and unfiltered”. The founder of this brand, Karishma Kewalramani, is an entrepreneur and is highly qualified in the business field. She surprisingly has no degree in the beauty industry. Fae beauty was created in August 2018 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. FAE is an abbreviated form of “Free And Equal” and the brand stands true to its name.

Let us know the story behind the creation of this brand

The founder created this brand with a mission of producing beauty products suitable to all skin and skin tones. Beauty brands have been known to stereotypically promote fairness to be beautiful but thankfully FAE, like many other brands today, are taking on the stereotype and creating beauty products that focus beyond lighter skin tones. She was very concerned with the message the beauty brands were sending out to the public. With FAE, she hopes to handle these notions of stereotypical beauty and create a space where make-up acts as a liberator and not an inhibitor.

How does FAE help in coping with insecurities?

While big brands provided quality, the prices were not at all affordable by the majority and the local brands compromised on quality so much so that it often led to breakouts, acne, etc. FAE was created as the founder wanted to combine reasonable price with quality. she calls her brand “democratic beauty” where all skin types, colours, people are represented. Right from products to advertisements, people who are not models are used. No lighting or photoshop is used to portray unrealistic beauty standards. It is kept very real for people to acknowledge what already exists instead of being concern about their skin.

The brand hopes to change how beauty is perceived and involve real people for whom these cosmetics are made instead of focusing on those who suit the traditional beauty standards.

Uniq Stories - FAE Beauty
Source: FAE Beauty

They strongly believe in questioning the status quo:

  • Why not bring real cosmetic users into the process of creating a product?
  • Why not print the ingredients used in packaging the products?
  • Why not hire models who have duskier skin tones or a gender-fluid individual to break the norm that ‘fair is beautiful?

What makes FAE beauty the need of our generation?

The products of this brand are Vegan, i.e, no animal has harmed to produce its products. Hence, it benefits the environment largely. They do not want to harm nature’s ecosystem in their journey of creating revolutionary make-up. The products are completely cruelty-free. These cosmetics are also paraben-free, a chemical that is used by most beauty brands. Paraben is a harmful chemical that can create problems like adult-onset acne, developmental and neurological disorders, various cancers, etc. This brand is PETA certified, which proves its love and harmlessness towards the helpless creatures in nature.

Each of their products suits all skin tones, especially brown skin, making it an ideal brand for Indians. Indians being on the duskier side have always found it difficult to find cosmetics that suit them. This Indian brand is helping us levelling up our make-up game and letting us know that we are beautiful despite all the misconceptions of a brown skin tone.

FAE beauty has a wide range of cosmetics. The categories are as follows:

  • Buildable Matte Lipsticks: there are plenty of shades and at such prices that it would leave people in awe
  • Brash: serves 2 purposes, helps in darkening the lashes as well as the eyelashes
  • Bundles: it is a set of several products and can be bought together at a discounted price

Overall Review of FAE Beauty

The brand is created with the utmost concern for the biases that exist in our society regarding beauty. While the colour white has been regarded as superior in all aspects, brands like FAE beauty bring brown skin into the picture and helps people know that they are self-sufficient. This brand is a humble step towards equality and freedom, attacking racism directly that sadly persists even in the 21st century.

With its range of products, its quality, and its motive, it is sure to take on the Indian market as a leading beauty brand in the coming years. Be sure to feel the love and dedication of the makes when you use its cosmetics. You will make this your go-to brand once you start using its products.