Fi Money – The Smartest Banking You Can Trust With!

Brand: Fi Money

Founder: Sujith Narayanan & Sumit Gwalani

Founded Date: 2019

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry: Banking & Finance

One of the essentials for human life is to earn and spend money wisely and efficiently and thus live life to the fullest. Here we are here to help you get to know about Fi Money.

What Is Fi Money?

Fi Money is a Neobank. This is the coolest app to know your money, grow your money and organize your funds. This is not a bank but it is banking 2.0 for the new generation of the digital world which is exploding to new realms day by day. We need to know how to safeguard our hard-earned money from all sorts of vulnerabilities and use it freely and securely online. For that, trust is the biggest issue. Here in Fi, it is guaranteed.

Safe and easy banking on your fingertips from anywhere in the world is what they offer. To help people get better with their money with full safety and security is a huge responsibility. And this part is taken care of with utmost accountability and sincerity. Today, time is money. So everyone’s time needs to be saved. Here they assure that also. Paperless and hassle-free transactions save your time and energy. This is best suited for the millennials who want to explore and experiment with their lives. And hence, is a perfect financial app for professionals as well as students.

Uniq Stories - Fi Money
Source: Fi Money

Safety & Privacy

When it comes to online Banking we all get extra sceptical about the safety and privacy of our money and information. But with Fi you don’t have to worry about anything, it is RBI Licensed and is partnered with the best to ensure your safety and privacy. You can make your savings account (even with a zero balance) here and be assured about your money.

Personal Assistance

Fi provides the best and one of the coolest assistants that will help you keep track of your spending. You can keep a reminder for paying a bill like the Netflix subscription or Prime subscription or anything you want. It will give you detailed information about your money. You can find out how much you spent on Swiggy or Zomato or Amazon in a month. You can even compare your savings for each month and know where you have to spend less. It is a futuristic and smart solution to all your money problems.

Get Rewards & Amazing Insights

Fi believes that when you save money you should be rewarded. That is why each time you make a smarter choice Fi rewards you with coupons or Fi coins. What better reason to start saving now?

Fi gives you personalized insights that will help you understand your spending so that you can save better. Like between 1st to 10th every month you like to spend more on Amazon or your PF contributions. Hence, it will certainly make you a master of your money wherein you can have full control.

Uniq Stories - Fi Money
Source: Fi Money

Cool Features

They offer an auto-bot that will help you customize your banking experience. You can set a smart move like when you order from Amazon you can set aside any amount of money automatically or you can set a reminder to send money to your parents every 30th or each time you get your salary set aside some amount of money. Like this you can create, modify or pause any conditions and Fi will do it for you. Fi offers you some features that even the scheduled banks fail to offer.

All these features make your life easier. You don’t have to keep a track of your financial burdens. Somebody is there to remind you. So there is no penalty for late payments!

Each penny is well spent. With that main part of handling money is taken care of, you can utilize your time and energy wisely in other aspects of life.