Fittr Gets You Moving For That Dream Summer Body!

Brand: Fittr

Founders: Jitendra Chouksey

Established Year: 2016

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Health & Fitness

As the very name suggests, Fittr is a fitness brand that has been running successfully for more than 5 years. It is one of the largest online fitness and nutrition communities. Founded by Jitendra Chouksey in 2016, it has become an informative network giving out healthy lifestyles and tricks to remain fit.

How Did Fittr Start?

As surprising as it sounds, Fittr started as a small WhatsApp group with only a few members in it. It helped them get in shape. Jiten, a Software Engineer, was able to shed the extra kilos with a 12-hour shift job. He decided to share his tips with people dealing with the same problems- an unhealthy lifestyle due to work. He wrote all of his knowledge and believed that anyone can shed weight with the knowledge of quantitative nutrition.

With all his tricks doing wonders and having shown results in people who enrolled themselves, others started getting inspired. This gradually led to the unimaginable success of Fittr and now the brand is a family of more than 8 lakh members.

What Is The Motive Of Fittr?

Fittr is created by someone who himself has lost unhealthy weight amidst tight schedules and deadlines and hence it is made only to amplify the knowledge gained by him. Initially, the group was only for people to ask Jiten fitness-related questions and he would answer them. He then opened a Facebook page, probably one of the first to give health advice with science-backed reasons.

Fittr is a community of non-judgemental people who support each other to get fit. They use science to give fitness tips thereby making sure that each person benefits from its programs.

The Necessity Of Being Fit

Jiten was bullied as a kid in school. He grew up believing he would always be looked at as a joke to laugh at. He couldn’t take his health seriously because of immense body-shaming. Slowly, when he started paying attention to himself, he became serious about his health. He felt amazingly confident once he started looking fit. Fittr was launched so that people could experience the same.

A lot of people depend on fitness advice from the ‘so-called experts’ not knowing that every human body has different ways of functioning and different necessities. On top of that, the tips end up never being followed, only to make a person crave more and then eat more.

Professional coaches and fitness experts work with Fittr to make sure the clients do not fall prey to such traps. They give scientific logic and reasons why one puts on weight and how one can reduce the same.

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The Success Of Fittr

Started just as a WhatsApp group, this brand helped a few people in achieving their goals. The brand’s best part is that they are an online brand and as a result can be accessed anywhere and at any time. They do not demand a specific time of your routine, you can adjust timings however you like.

With advantages like this, the brand became a recognized name in the fitness industry. More and more people started rolling in. At present they have helped more than 15lakh people in reducing their weight, the clients not being limited to just India. The success was so massive that it resulted in the launch of the app in 2018 for Fittr. Each month they see new enrolments of more than 3,500 people.

This is what a successful startup brand looks like!

User-Friendly Website

The website of this brand is created to help people easily understand the basics. It has got all the curiosities of a majority of people covered by having several options for their different needs.

Starting from services, it has fitness and nutrition courses, corporate wellness, coaching, etc. available for the members. There are numerous fitness articles, healthy recipes, exercise videos, nutrition facts, etc. available for the curious minds and for those who have just begun their fitness journey and are confused. Even tools like body fat calculators, BMR calculators are present!

Overview Of Fittr

Being a fitness brand, success isn’t easy to get in today’s era because uncountable fitness apps and brands already exist. The fact that they were able to go beyond the realm of the unnoticed brand is proof in itself of the worth this brand has.

If you are one of those who have been bullied in school or have been insecure about how you look throughout your life, you know how difficult it is to lose weight. But again, your attempts might have failed because you might have starved yourself to death, not knowing anything about nutrition.

This being an online brand might be your best chance to get that look you had always craved for. Check out their website of Fittr and get ready to leave people in shock with your summer bods.