Flour Shop – Get A Cherry On Top Of Your Cravings with the Cakes!

Brand: Flour Shop

Founder: Ameera Kassem

Founding Date: 2013

Headquarters: Los Angeles, USA

Industry: Restaurants & Cafes

This blast-of-colours cake shop is a sensation in the USA, founded by Ameera Kassem. It is a delight to all those people with a sweet tooth for whom “enough for today” is never a phrase.

It serves some of the most unique-looking sweet dishes and has therefore become a popular option among the youth in the USA. Ameera has been called the “dessert dolly” for her amazing recipes.

How Did The Journey Of Flour Shop Begin?

The Flour Shop started in 2013 without any source or help. Ameera was completely alone when she started this cake shop and maintaining it, in this competitive market is a real challenge. With the store being new in the market & lack brand awareness, she tried to use social media as a marketing source to get more attraction. She uploaded astonishingly beautiful pictures of her hand-crafted cakes which attracted a whole lot of customers.

She’s one of the youngest women entrepreneurs who single-handedly manages her empire at Flour Shop. She gives the credit for her being a foodie & the taste to deliver the best cakes to her lovely family. The knack of having a taste for exquisite delicacies comes from her parents who are Arabic & Mexican.

She moved to New York so that she could give her dreams of owning a high-end kitchen, JUST FOR FUN! And this fun made her dreams come true!

Uniq Stories - Flour Shop
Source: Flour Shop

What Are The Achievements Of Flour Shop?

From being just another small cake shop in the USA to one of the most high-end and demanded cake shops ever, the journey for the owner has been rather splendid. She has served her chocolate Medusa coins at Versus Versace New York’s Fashion Week Show to the Brooklyn Museum’s celebration of Takashi Murakami.

Other than that, she has become a favourite to many celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Katty Perry, Carrie Bradshaw. She is one of the most loved cake shops in Hollywood. Her business has taken off at such heights that renowned actors and artists do not shy away from calling her.

That’s how success looks!

How Flour Shop Is Unique From Other Shops In The USA?

In today’s world, when online shopping has become such a trend among the youngsters as well as the aged, having a proper website and validation seems mandatory for a business.

To add to its advantage, the website of Flour Shop is one of the most vibrant, colourful, and creative websites one could ever see.

It is filled with colours and attractive pictures of Ameera’s baked cakes that wouldn’t fail to bring water to your mouth. It attracts the customers at an instant, making them order for as many items as they want.

Turning cravings into a business is quite a strategy, don’t you think?

Uniq Stories - Flour Shop
Source: Flour Shop

Health and sweets together? YES!

Sweet has been known to deteriorate one’s health to a harmful extent. In such cases what we opt for are bakers who can make custom-made recipes according to your needs. Be it sugar-free or loaded with caramel sauce, you’ve got it all covered with Flour Shop. Hygiene is also one thing you need not worry about because they are all home-baked sweet dishes, made by Ameera herself.

What’s On The Menu?

As per the website, there is a huge variety of dishes. There are some mesmerizing rainbow cakes to make your children be on cloud 9 that taste equally good!

Ameera loves to play with sprinkles and colours on each of her cakes and that is what makes them so vibrant and playful. Her explosion cakes explode with toffees and sprinkles once they are cut, making them perfect for birthdays or any occasion. From her shop, you can avail cakes for birthdays, parties, holidays, etc. there is one cake for every mood. She also makes rum balls, cake balls, mini cakes, cakewich, etc. for minimalist sugar consumption.

The special menu includes cake kits, intending to engage your family in a fun activity.

Uniq Stories - Flour Shop
Source: Flour Shop

Overview Of The Brand

With the deliciousness of all her recipes, Flour Shop delights everyone’s hearts. Ameera is a blessing in disguise for any & everyone who craves for sweet delicacies. Every dish tastes unique and looks even more mesmerizing.

Though the cakes are not on the cheaper side, but they are worth the quality and creativity she serves. It can invoke hunger even in people who are not dessert fans.

Who wouldn’t want to go to the Flour Shop? You might bump into Katty Perry someday!