Flutur – An Innovative Way of Charity!

Brand: Flutur

Founder: Joel Koshy, Mallika Khullar & Rahul Mallapur

Founding Date: 2017

Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Industry: NGO & Other Causes

Thinking of bringing a change in society?
Just an hour of your time can do so!

Can’t believe it?
Then check out this innovative and technologically advanced NGO – Flutur.


Flutur is a Non-governmental organization founded in December 2017 to create populace mobile and web products that can be used for free. The NGO was started by a trio of passionate individuals who wanted to bring about a positive and impactful change in society.

The three busy yet curious individuals – Mallika Priya Khullar, Rahul Mallapur, and Joel John Koshy, had a fondness towards the tech industry, which is why they wanted to bring a revolution in rural areas with the help of technology.

An Insight Into Flutur’s Functioning

Most of the individuals of society want to give back either by saving the animals on the street, or by working towards the safety of women, or by contributing towards girls’ education. There can be many such causes one wants to work for. However, the hustle-bustle of their daily lives is holding them back.

Flutur has come up with an innovative idea of raising money for such causes without disrupting one’s schedule. The low-cost, easy-to-use product by this platform largely focuses on raising money by alternative means.

Flutur - Uniq Stories
Source: Gardeners Path

A single user can generate a sufficient amount to plant about 1000 trees with zero effort on the individual’s part. The funds generated by the products are then transferred to fund frugal innovations, social projects by NGOs, and to the individual heroes who are working to uplift society.

The founders have thus created a convenient and easy way for people who are looking forward to helping others. So far, the organization has donated ₹2,17,141.

Unique Approach To Solving Problems

The technological yet innovative apps and websites created by the trio are amazing. Apart from being easy to use, they also help one to raise money online for a noble cause they support.


The game by Flutur – Kindo, is a way to save the world. This game operates on the concept of raising funds via the help of in-between tiny ads. One can find more than hundreds of puzzles on the app, making Kindo an addictive puzzle game for android users.

Whilst enjoying the game, one can now do charity too by watching small ads between the games. The revenue generated will help the platform to raise money for various causes.

Flutur New Tab

The project ‘Flutur New Tab’ is a Chrome extension that holds the capacity to transform your new tab design into a beautiful new tab page. The new tab page is exclusively designed by Flutur. Every new tab opened and surfed by you on your browser is capable of raising funds for the cause you wish to support.

An hour on Flutur can generate donations for 7 days of school for children, or plantation of 3.12 trees in a day, or an entire day of meals for children.

The Collaboration Of Flutur

People are trying their best to help others through this technologically advanced platform. To date, 2,403 users have helped Flutur to generate funds, which are then circulated to other organizations who work for the specified cause.

Flutur started with the aim of collaborating with organizations or individuals that carry out low-cost innovations and are trying to improve the conditions in rural areas. For now, Flutur is supporting small-scale developmental projects because of the low revenue. In the future, Flutur would love to work on even more extensive projects that will help the public on a large scale.

A small step at your end can change someone’s life!