For All The Coffee Lovers, Black Baza Coffee Is Here For You!

Brand: Black Baza Coffee

Founder: Arshiya Bose

Founding Date: 2016

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry: Food & Beverages

Black Baza coffee is a quintessential breakfast drink, your morning elixir, an ambassador for good days. It is the one drink with the absolute power to wake you up.

Arshiya Bose, the founder of Black Baza coffee is positive and fiercely relentless about being a major coffee sommelier who makes biodiversity-friendly coffee or household staple instead of an exception.

Black Baza coffee, an activist company shows its purpose is to enable coffee producers to enjoy secure and stable livelihoods and strengthen coffee farming practices that conserve biodiversity. They invite coffee drinkers to participate in the process too.

Free Of Chemical Pesticides

Black Baza coffee commits to growing coffee that is free of chemical pesticides. They also restrict the use of any chemical fertilizers.

Black baza coffee restore farms by planting rare and endemic forest trees that provide critical habitat for a wide variety of wildlife.

Spoilt For Choice

Black Baza coffee has a variety of flavours. These unique coffees’ highlight the amazing diversity of coffee landscapes in India which start from Arabicas grown alongside shola grasslands to robustas from wet evergreen habitats washed and fermented coffees to natural and sun-dried.

Jumping Ant’ is a type of vibrant coffee with citrus flavour notes and balanced acidity. Whereas ‘Ficus’ is a blend of Arabic and robust that is versatile and full-flavoured.

Wanderoo’ is a rich and sparkly coffee with great balance and acidity. And ‘Otter’, a blend of Arabic and fruity robust, has a complex layered flavour profile.

While ‘Black Baza’ is a washed and fermented robusta that pairs smashingly with chocolate. ‘Luna’ is a natural sun-dried robusta with dark chocolate notes.

And ‘Whistling Schoolboy’ is a new version of Indian filter coffee which is a blend of Arabic and robusta with chicory.

Uniq Stories - Black Baza Coffee
Source: Black Baza Coffee

Biodegradable Packaging

Most of the packaging of black baza coffee is fully biodegradable. The outer bag is made from sugarcane waste while the inner bag is a biodegradable plastic that disintegrates within 6 to 24 months in landfill conditions.

100% Traceable

One important factor is that each cup of coffee can be traced back to the farm or at the least cluster of farmers from which the beans were harvested.

Impact Of Black Baza Coffee

Black Baza Coffee roasts some of the most diverse and intriguing coffees from all across India. This coffee is good for the forest it originates from, for the people who grow it, for the trees it helps conserve, and the wildlife it supports.

Black Baza coffee is committed to producing sustainable coffee; which means that they have to meticulously monitor the impact of their involvement. Livelihood-related changes are thoroughly monitored through survey questionnaires and focused group discussions. Biodiversity-related changes are also kept in check by measuring the diversity of trees, birds, insects, mammals, soil, and water.

It ensures planning and conservation of shade trees evolving and at present. All the participating producers have maintained approximately 18,200 native trees on coffee farms.

The producers are also taking proactive steps to sustain a variety of tree species on their farms and restrict the substitution of natives with exotics.

Livelihood Security

Black Baza coffee not only promises sustainable and secure livelihoods for coffee growers and workers but also ensures this through stable prices, financial inclusions, and long-term guaranteed contracts.


Black baza coffee works with any coffee grower, retailer, wholesaler, small or large institution, or even an individual who wants to hop on board towards the movement for biodiversity-friendly coffee.

Black baza coffee provides us with a bundle of joy, i.e. our favourite things which warm our hearts and send us off skipping.

So order the flavour of your choice right away!