Goa – A Beach Lover’s Paradise!

Goa is the place that probably everybody dreams of visiting once in a lifetime. It is a craze especially among the youngsters and rightfully so, the nightlife is more astonishing than any other thing you might have seen so far. It is a paradise for all beach lovers who just can’t get enough of the blue waters, the sound of breakers, and peace. With this generation becoming travel enthusiasts, it is safe to say that Goa is one of the most famous tourist attraction places in the country!

Let’s Know Some Of The Places That Are A Must-Visit In Goa

With so much to offer, it can sometimes get confusing to choose what all to visit while making a trip to the place. To make decision-making easier, here is a list of places you just cannot miss, because who knows when you’ll have the opportunity to convince your friends for Goa again?

Hit The Beaches

Goa is the most famous for its beaches. A state with more than 40 beaches is sure to be on the bucket list of everyone who is a beach person. Calangute beach is one of the most famous, sometimes known as the “queen of beaches”, giving you the best nightlife experience.

Anjuna beach is like a magnet for tourists as it is crowded any time of the year. It is also an attraction because of the Anjuna beach flea market that opens on Wednesdays. To shop, there is a must!

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Go boating and watch dolphins deep into the waters of Coco beach, also one of the top tourist destinations. There are plenty of boats sailing every day that take you to the deep waters. It is also a sight of the ruins of the old central jail Aguada.

If you’re one of those who love seclusion and serenity, butterfly beach is your perfect place. It has very few tourists visiting and gives you time to sit there in deep thoughts without being occasionally bothered or disturbed.

Basílica De Bom Jesus

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If you’re okay with adjusting a visit to a religious place amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, this church is a must-visit. It dates from the 16th century and contains the remains of St. Francis Xavier. This is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Your artistic side, looking for aesthetic old buildings would be pleased to visit this church!

Go Cruising!

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If you still can’t have enough by visiting the beaches, the next best thing is to go cruising! Goa is a divine place of blue waters, what’s better than a long soothing drive with the wind caressing your hair?

Most cruising boats have some programs scheduled for their passengers. Singing, dancing, disco are common on the cruises and you’ll love the energy people have! If you book tickets specifically during the time of sunset, you’re sure to experience a lifetime view.

If You Don’t Know, There Are Plenty Of Caves In Wildlife Sanctuaries

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Sanctuaries are treasures of lands that are so frequented by tourists. If you’re one such tourist who has the zeal of exploring the unexplored or always finds yourself closer to nature, you might want to go to these sanctuaries and be one with nature. Arvalem Caves, Lamgau Caves, Rivona Caves are some of them, each being associated with history in some way or the other.

It All Comes Down To Nightlife In Goa, Doesn’t It?

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Consider yourself lucky if you have a group of friends who don’t back out at the last moment. Because if you are in Goa with friends, you have already experienced one of the best things in life! The state has shacks right on the beaches with music blasting from speakers and floors lit with youth dancing the night away. You and your party lover friends can enjoy the very essence of Goa right in these shacks. If you get emotional, sit outside on the beach or your hotel pool and talk about life, reliving all those memories made with your crazy amigos!

Get matching tattoos, enjoy booze, dance like no one’s watching, sing to the karaoke, dress your best and flaunt your curves! This might be the only state that offers you such a free environment.

Goa is an escape from life!

What Are You Waiting For?

With an atmosphere that caters to the needs of both the night-life lovers and the cravers of peace, it is but the most interesting place you will ever be in. It not only lets your worries go away, but it also lets you discover yourself.

Make memories with friends and family. Plan the delayed trip, book the tickets, pack your bags and witness paradise live on earth!