Goli: Healthy Yet Yummy Gummy

Brand: Goli

Founder: Michael Bitensky

Founder Date: 2019

Headquarters: California, US

Industry: Health & Fitness

Candy is childhood, the best & the bright moments of life you wish could have lasted forever. But in today’s health-conscious era, eating cotton candy is like taking in a full cloud of diabetes. One always thinks how amazing it would have been if we could eat a lot of candies and still maintain our health, right?

Well, Goli is here to fulfil your dream.

What Is Goli?

With the innovative idea, Goli is a nutrition company that focuses on holding wellness and happiness together. With their gluten-free ingredients and best vegan tasty Gummies, they ensure that you own the power of being healthy and happy.

It helps you fulfil your nutritional goals while enjoying their AVC gummies. It mainly focuses on integrating products using smart new supplements and providing customized advice to keep your nutrition intake on track.

How Are These Tasty Gummies Made?

Well, intending to create a delicious way to incorporate nutrition, their Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy made with high-quality unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar which helps you get a traditional taste. Gelatin-free, these gummies are made with fibre found in fruit and pectin in addition to them being vegan, helping them to be available for any lifestyle.

It has a perfect blend of the following things which add immensely to your health benefits:


One of the high-quality ingredients, known for its fibre, vitamins, and minerals, beetroot helps these gummies impart enough benefits so that one can get the most of them.

Apples and Pomegranates

With a unique fermentation process, using real apples leads to the production of beneficial yeasts and healthy bacteria. Pomegranates are indeed a delicious way to improve your health, being a source of vitamins and antioxidants helps in boosting your immune system.


Besides being vegan, with the presence of the B12 vitamin whose deficiency leads to tiredness and laziness, these gummies also work on energy production in your body in addition to the B9 vitamin which helps in overall wellness and general well-being.

These gummies are made in the U.S. where quality assurance is carried out throughout their manufacturing process. With globally sourced ingredients, they ensure no use of artificial ingredients or preservatives. From being tested at every stage from manufacturing to packaging, they impart high-quality standards and deliver delight to their consumers.

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Benefits Of Consuming These Magical Gummies

Boost Your Energy

The presence of AVC acts as a constant source of energy in your body. It keeps you consistent and energized throughout the day. The other ingredients present in these gummies help to convert the food you eat into the form of cellular energy that gives power to your body and helps it function throughout the day without getting tired.

Healthy-Wealthy Heart

Its ingredients playing an important role in maintaining the homocysteine level in our body helps in keeping our hearts healthy. It also assists in improving the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients and also results in a healthy functioning nervous system.

Improves Your Skin

As we know, investing in our skin will represent us for a very long time, with the AVC present in Goli, with its anti-inflammatory properties, helps you get rid of skin diseases such as acne or redness, thereby boosting your skin health and giving you a glowing skin naturally.

Supports A Noble Cause

Vitamin Angels, striving to reduce malnutrition, the major cause of child deaths, has a partnership with Goli. Every purchase made on Goli provides a 1-for-1 vitamin grant to help a child with a 6-month supply of lifesaving vitamins and minerals.


Hence, for everyone who is looking for a nutritious life with healthy digestion, maintained weight, glowing skin, healthy heart, and energized throughout the day, well, Goli is the treasure trove you need to open.

As we know, balanced life is just like a three-legged stool, which includes nutrition, fitness, and wellness. These Gummies provide you with all of them, hence imparting you a perfectly balanced healthy, and happy life.