Gulmohar Lane Makes Your Home A Sight To Behold!

Brand: Gulmohar Lane

Founders: Saurabh Ailawadi & Shweta Mewara

Founding Date: 2014

Headquarters: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Industry: Home Decor

Gulmohar Lane is a brand that offers a wide range of handcrafted home furniture online. The team takes pride in the design and craftsmanship that they offer. Founded in 2014 by Saurabh and Shweta, this brand has had a huge appeal in recent times because going out to spend hours choosing home furniture has become trendy since 2006!

You can now sit comfortably at home and choose whatever goes with your home decor, saving both time and energy.

The Roots Becoming A Tree – The Growth Of Gulmohar Lane!

Saurabh and Shweta, the co-founders of this brand, belong to different fields with varied experience in design, retail, interiors, and brand management. Both of them did not plan to launch a brand of their own till later in life. When the brand was launched, it didn’t get the response that was expected because the demand was for ‘simple, fairly-priced and comfortable’ furniture.

After 2 years of background research, was launched in 2015. This time, with all the requirements of the market taken care of, the brand hit it off rather quickly! People found an instant connection with the brand as it was a young firm and understood the taste of Millenials. The acceptance and appreciation was a turning point for the co-founders.

Uniq Stories - Gulmohar Lane
Source: Gulmohar Lane

What Do They Excel In?

Gulmohar Lane is a brand that devotes its entire focus to the quality of furniture it produces. The team consists of some expert craftsmen, some of them belonging to the fourth generation of furniture karigars, who have been working for the Royalty in Rajasthan. They have artistry running in their veins and so the intricate designs made by them remain unparalleled.

The designs of this brand are a mixture of contemporary sensibilities and traditions of excellence in quality and craftsmanship. Most importantly, all of their products are made in India and hence, they bring to your doorstep the culture of this beautiful country!

Gulmohur Lane’s Philosophy

The brand believes in making your home your haven where you eat, sleep, work, dream, etc. they inspire you to make your home that reflects your personality and aesthetics. As a result, they believe in the follows:

Uniq Stories - Gulmohar Lane
Source: Gulmohar Lane
  • Customer Experience:
    They keep their customers’ needs their top priority. The brand is committed to giving them an incredible experience every time they choose Gulmohar Lane.
  • Quality:
    The quality and value of their products go hand-in-hand. Timeless designs with fresh twists are paired together to fill a room with aesthetics and sophistication.
  • Sustainability:
    The materials used make the products sustainable. This has helped them in gaining their customers’ trust.
  • Comfort:
    Whether it is the comfort of shopping with the brand or the comfort their furniture gives, all the needs are taken care of.

What Are The Products They Make?

The company’s in-house designers are all expert craftsmen, who put in their best efforts to make the most astonishing designs & products. There is a vast range of furniture made by the brand with the choice of customization available in most of the categories.

‘Fabric sofas’ is one such category. This category covers all the types of sofas required like sofa cum bed, armchairs, sectional sofas, sofa by shape, etc. they are available in all modern design styles for any type of home. There is even the option of printed sofas, unique and colourful for a house with minimalist decor.

Uniq Stories - Gulmohar Lane
Source: Gulmohar Lane

The brand also has a leather furniture section where seats, chairs, sofas are available for the leather-lovers. Then there are beds, chairs, and tables available according to one’s needs. Be it a coffee table with an intricate design or simple dining tables, the brand has got it all covered. They also have options for the lighting of the room according to what one demands- chandeliers, lamp stands, lampshades, etc.

Home decor is also one of their categories. Small decor items like a cushion, wall decor, home, and kitchen accessories are all available.

Overall View Of Gulmohar Lane

Gulmohar Lane is an outstanding brand of furniture and home decor that prioritizes the needs of its customers above anything else. Their quality, artistry, and designs are worth the confusion of choosing between the products.

When one brand caters to the needs of its followers and works tirelessly to make ends meet, it surely deserves much more appreciation. Go through their designs and fall in love with pure craftsmanship.