Hocco Eatery – Delicious Taste In Every Bite!

Brand: Hocco Eatery

Founder: Shri Satish Chona & Ankit Chona

Founding Date: 1944

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Industry: Restaurants & Cafes

From a small pop-up shop to a billion-dollar business, today with 60 eateries and a chain of 20 restaurants, Havmor is one of the largest ice cream brands in the world. With its unique taste, quality and original flavours, it has won over millions of fans. And its famous chana Puri made first-time visitors of the restaurants into loyal regulars.

Providing the taste of nostalgia in a well-guarded recipe gives a feeling of ‘home away from home’.

How Did Hocco Eatery Start?

This journey was started back in 1944, when Mr Satish Chona opened a small pop-up ice cream shop in Karachi, by the name of Havmor. But after 1947, the legacy moved to India, Ahmedabad. With just 200 rupees, Mr Chona initiated his sales from a humble handcraft, which he would carry to the Ahmedabad Railway Station every day. He would sell ice cream from his handcraft which he along with his wife Mrs Chona carefully churned all night. To earn a little extra, he would borrow a friend’s cycle and sell the ice cream all around the city.

Mr Chona worked very hard on the name Hocco Eatery, from the House of Chonas Collaborative. He focused on his values – Acchai (Goodness), Sachhai (truthfulness), Safai (cleanliness).

Uniq Stories - Hocco Eatery
Source: Hocco Eatery

The Secret Behind Hocco Eatery!

Evolution was the key element for the brand, but they never forgot the time-tested values and commitment to serving only the best to their patrons. It offers a combination of amazing ice creams freshly churned right at the outlet. The innovation comes into play when their ice cream-based cakes and desserts are in the talk. Their customers get the option to customize the toppings, all made in house and service options such as scoops or a make your own ‘blockbuster’.

The ‘blockbuster’ contains fresh items such as croissant sandwiches, pizza, pasta all made using high-end ingredients.

Havmors’ range of products can be found across 14 markets in India with a network of restaurants, eateries and have Havfun parlours along with it.

Colourful Ice-Creams That Deserve A Colourful Taste!

With unique quality and original ice cream flavours, the brand has won over millions of hearts. A softer and creamier formula that provides a feeling of satisfaction. With ice cream cones, cups, bricks, tubs, they have it all. Flavours may include:

  • Butterscotch:
    A rich butterscotch ice cream formula, filled with chocolate and butterscotch crunchies.
  • Choco-chip:
    Fine quality Chocolate ice cream topped with hand-picked chocolate chips.
  • Chocolate Brownie:
    Dark and Rich brownies, mixed with mouth-watering Chocolate ice cream.
  • Dark Chocolate:
    Dark chocolate made from fine quality cocoa, topped with chocolate chips.
  • Kesar Pista:
    A creamer recipe, mixed with excellent quality Pistachios topped with Kesar sauce.
  • Strawberry:
    A formula that melts in your mouth, mixed with little Strawberry chunks and syrup.
  • Tutti Frutti:
    A refreshing ice cream flavour, made from fresh-squeezed Oranges and other citrus fruits.

And many more. Above all, for all those fitness freaks the brand also has sugar free ice creams that will do the job.

It also provides typical Indian flavours for those with a sweet tooth.

Uniq Stories - Hocco Eatery
Source: Hocco Eatery

Deliciousness That Goes Back To 1944

Along with its amazing ice cream flavours, Hocco is famous for its amazing North Indian cuisines and finger-licking snacks which are as follows:

  • Samosa Chaat: Lip-smacking chaat made with samosa, chickpea curry, various sauces and spices.
  • Vegetable Cutlets: A finger-licking snack, with a bunch of vegetables inside it, served with various spicy sauces.
  • Channa Puri: One of the classics back from 1944, which makes up for a perfect Brunch.
  • Chana Kulcha: Spicy and lemony Chick-peas, with butter-roasted bread, is a best suited evening munch.
  • Pav Bhaji: vegetable gravy mixed with various spices, served with soft dinner rolls.
  • Vegetable Kottu: A spicy one-dish vegetarian dinner with curry flavours.

Their wide variety of snacks that connect people and bring a feeling of togetherness includes sandwiches, pizzas, wraps, burgers, rice meals, fries, coffee and cookies, brownies, shakes and customized creations for their consumers too.

For food that reminds you of your mother’s cooking to flavours that charge those taste buds, everything in one stop.

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