How Does The TaskRabbit Side Hustle Work?

A cleaner or someone to assist with errands in and around the home may be hired periodically, although it is rather typical to do all household duties by oneself. Suppose for a moment you could perform these duties and responsibilities for pay. You are able to achieve this with the help of TaskRabbit.

You may locate appropriate activities that you can complete for others and earn money with the TaskRabbit app. In this article, we will enlighten you about TaskRabbit employment and explain how TaskRabbit works for taskers.

What Exactly Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit, launched in 2008 under the name RunMyErrand, is a marketplace where you can hire independent contractors to complete simple chores for you. Leah Busque founded the business that is currently known as TaskRabbit. The company was bought by the INGKA group in 2017, and in 2022 they made the decision to become entirely remote, closing its San Francisco, California, headquarters and physical offices.

The company’s activities are located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Monaco, France, and Spain. The firm was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, and it adopted its present name in 2010 when it relocated to San Francisco.

After developing an app in 2011, the business gradually began to debut in fresh nations and broaden its offerings. Currently, a sizable Tasker community uses the site, and the average hourly wage for these Taskers is 48 dollars, with some of them earning more than $100,000 annually.

Now that we know what TaskRabbit is, it’s okay to examine the side business in more depth.

How Does TaskRabbit Side Hustle Work?

As you can see from the information above, TaskRabbit is a location where you can go to discover workers that can assist you with a variety of tasks, including cleaning, errand running, and more.

If we limit our discussion to the US, Taskers may sign up for and participate in 35 various sorts of work using the app, and from there, individuals or even businesses can engage them on a temporary basis. Even though it first started as a side business, many people have turned it into their full-time occupation.

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Simply browsing TaskRabbit’s website would make it clear that this is no ordinary side hustle. There are several categories to pick from, and a huge number of people have listed their service areas and associated fees.

Individuals charge $30 and above per hour to help with furniture work or home repairs, while people charge more than $100 per hour to clean up after a party or take down the Christmas tree.

Taskers, like Uber drivers, have received evaluations from previous employers, and the number of jobs performed by them is listed next to their name.

This should help you grasp their competence and also make sense of their costs, which may appear exorbitant at times, but it is all because of their talent and experience that they command those sorts of charges by enlisting their support for different easy-looking but skill-requiring chores.

The costs for services may vary depending on where you reside, as may the availability of Taskers, but what will not alter is their devotion.

You may quickly and simply book a Tasker using the TaskRabbit side business platform, which assures that no more procrastination occurs. You can register as a Tasker if you believe that you have excellent abilities that can help you earn more than respectable money while assisting others.

Use TaskRabbit

The fact that a Tasker can assist with tasks like running errands or cleaning your home has already been discussed a few times, but there are other services that they can provide.

In the US alone, Taskers provide up to 35 distinct services, and some multi-skilled Taskers are able to assist you with several tasks. Let’s look at some of the Tasks that a Tasker may assist with as that is what we are interested in.

Assisting With Errands

It had to be on this list sooner or later because we’d previously discussed it. Small but time-consuming tasks like picking up clothing from the dry cleaners, delivering a gift, or other similar tasks can be a real nuisance from time to time. Not to mention that such tasks may conflict with a busy day at work or a holiday, and you just lack the motivation to do them. This is when you may pay a Tasker and employ their services.

Stand In Line

Standing in line for you is one of the TaskRabbit assignments in that Taskers give assistance. Any line that you could pay somebody to wait in on your behalf, such as one to buy tickets to a concert or movie, one to enter a new restaurant, or one for pretty much any other reason.

You are aware of how unpleasant waiting in lines can be, and we suspect that many of you may even be thinking of purchasing a Tasker for the next occasion.

Installing Furniture

TaskRabbit side hustlers may also assist you with furniture assembly. We can all agree that assembling an Ikea piece of furniture may be challenging or time-consuming. In these situations, you can hire a Tasker to assist you.

As a result, this is one of the most in-demand services on the market, with Taskers earning up to $50 or even $100 per hour.

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Source: TaskRabbit

Gardening Chores

A Tasker can help because not everyone like doing things like mowing overgrown grass, pruning trees, removing rusty old fallen leaves from their property, or basic gardening work.

If you want your free day back, you may engage a Tasker and ask them to tidy up your yard in exchange for payment of their hourly rate.


In order to fulfil order requests, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. frequently have their delivery staff running back and forth. If a store doesn’t have a delivery staff, however, and you still require someone to deliver packages to your home, you can find a Tasker who is willing to bring items right to your doorstep. Your order will be picked up from the store by them, who will then deliver it to you.


You may need to decorate your property for a holiday or a family gathering, but it can often feel overwhelming or too much. In this case, you can again hire a Tasker to come to your home and take care of the decorating.

To avoid doing it yourself, pay somewhere between $60 and 125 dollars and your needs will be met.

Party Prerequisites

You may engage a Tasker to be a bartender, host, cleaner, waiter, or fill in any other crucial role during a party. If you’re lucky, your TaskRabbit side hustle could only want you to be a guest at a party, with your duty being to amuse and interact with the people while being paid for it.

Clean Up

We’ve previously discussed it several times. You may hire a Tasker through the app to assist you to clean up after a party or on any other occasion when you feel your home needs cleaning. You may have your home sparkling and tidy for a one-time price of between $70 and $150. Let us now look at the TaskRabbit app.

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Source: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit App

Prior to its arrival on Android, TaskRabbit was solely available on Apple devices, with just the iOS version of the software available online. However, as the firm expanded from one region to another, it became available on Google Play as well.

The app’s Google Play version now has over 1 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating. The Android version of the app, on the other hand, has thousands of reviews and positive ratings of more than 4 stars across both applications. More than 1.1 million evaluations have been left for the app across its website, Android and Apple app stores, and social media accounts.

However, in order to view any information from a local service provider, you will need to create an account, therefore it is preferable to click on the Profile option in the app and get going right away. Once the software has been downloaded to your smartphone, you may do without creating an account right away. After creating an account, you may begin looking for Taskers on the app by providing specifics about the work and the time it may take to complete it, among other things.

You may also schedule a time and date on the app for the service provider to come to your location for the specified task. Also, while shortlisting or picking a TaskRabbit side hustler, check out the costs first and proceed, as there is no negotiation or decreasing the charge later on.

Additionally, you may use the app to look up the personal details of a tasker you’re interested in employing. You may look at the number of assignments they have completed as well as their evaluations from past client encounters.

The TaskRabbit app functions more effectively than the website and provide users with a number of additional capabilities. Although you may text or phone a Tasker you hire using the app, they are not given access to your contact information. If you no longer need a requested service, the app also gives you the option to cancel it, but there will be a fee.

So, unless you want to learn more about Taskers and TaskRabbit, you can already go to their website or download the TaskRabbit app on your smartphone and start utilising their services or become a Tasker.

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