How Much Does It Cost To Open A Cream Stone Franchise In India?

Cream Stone – At least in India, ice cream is perhaps one of the nicest treats that practically everyone enjoys. When someone mentions getting ice cream, the delight on their face is fairly obvious. Due to ice cream’s popularity as a treat, many people and company owners consider opening a new ice cream shop. There are a huge number of franchises relating to ice cream that is now on the market. With so many franchise brands to select from, choosing one might be challenging. Cream Stone Franchise is one of the well-known names.

Regarding Cream Stone Franchise

The brand Cream Stone is frequently referred to as the “King of Ice Creams.” They are most recognised for experimenting with new sweets and serving their clients an array of delectable desserts. They have quickly attracted a large number of consumers because of their taste and level of service. The fact that these ice creams are eggless and sugar-free is a key factor in their success in attracting a large client base. With the help of his father, Cream Stone’s current owner, Viren Shah, has continued this enterprise. The company was once known as “Scoops,” and then it changed its name to “Cream Stone.”

When Cream Stone first began, it sold its products to hotels and catering companies under the name “Scoops.” Later, the brand was made available in 5-star hotels, tourist attractions, and other locations because of the enormous demand from the consumer base. Ultimately, Cream Stone had developed and was being offered as a franchise due to the ongoing reaction and expansion. The fact that Cream Stone offers a “Customized Ice cream selection” is one of the factors contributing to its success. Customers were given the opportunity to choose their own flavour and create their own dessert, and this notion delighted them so much that Cream Stone became well-known among ice cream lovers.

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Why Own A Cream Stone Franchise?

An individual who plans to purchase the franchise must be aware of Cream Stone‘s different USPs or unique selling qualities. These particular advantages aid in your improvement of business understanding and increase the efficiency of your planning and plans.

  • This was covered before; Cream Stone provides its customers with a “Customized Ice Cream selection.” Customers are given the opportunity to witness how ice cream is created from scratch using this method. One of the factors contributing to the potential growth of your shop is this
  • As a Cream Stone Franchisee, you are not required to devote your time or money to marketing or promoting your business and brand. Cream Stone has already taken some steps to assist with the advertising aspect, and their brand value is strong enough to enable you to overlook the marketing aspect
  • You receive a lot of assistance when you own a Cream Stone franchise, which is an additional advantage. Cream Stone’s agents and support team are always available to help you establish your shop. They handle issues including infrastructure, maintaining the store’s grounds, marketing, and other things
  • You only need a well-known brand image and a wide selection of food on the menu to draw in consumers. The Cream Stone chain sells a variety of ice cream flavours, including chocolate, nutty, mini, kids’ special, summer, diet, and even several kinds of thick shakes

Investment Necessary for India Cream Stone Franchise Acquisition

A well-known brand like Cream Stone, with all of its features, perks & services, costs more than equal. The initial cost to own a Cream Stone franchise is around ₹30 lakhs. Prior to opening your Outlet, however, there are still some more expenses to make. You must also pay a marketing charge, which the brand will use to promote your shop in accordance with its discretion.

In addition to making these investments, you must also provide the brand with a monthly royalty payment. Your investment would typically be in the range of ₹50 lakhs, and in exchange, you would receive all the services, including those related to the supply chain, managerial tasks, etc.

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