iFarm – Smart technologies for growing vegetables, berries & greens!

Brand: iFarm

Founder: Max Chizhov

Founding Date: 2017

Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland

Industry: Farming & More

IFarm, an indoor farming solution is a provider of plug-and-play automated vertical farms. Data-driven software solutions are developed for modern urban farming by iFarm. Such technologies enable anyone to grow fresh vegetables, berries, greens, and edible flowers either for personal or commercial use. Fully automated, sustainable, eco-friendly, and economically viable turnkey solutions for production sites of any size are offered.

It creates and develops modern technologies for urban farming in order to improve the life of humans on earth and to satisfy the basic right of human beings to consume affordable and quality food products. It wants to provide everyone around the world customizable platform for growing local products regardless of the season.

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A unique team of serial entrepreneurs, experienced engineers and agronomics, advanced scientist designers, and marketing specialists collectively work towards the organizational goals of IFarm. Some advantages provided are:

Efficient Use Of Resources

Vertical farms are built with the iFarm technology, which uses 90% less water, 75% fewer fertilizers, and zero pesticides. Energy is saved by optimizing technology and reducing the human factor and labor costs. One benefits from growing crops sustainability and economically all year round.

Distributed Production

All forms that are built with the technology get connected to the single cloud-based IT system that allows one to manage all the parameters for growing plants and distributes orders among production sites. The required volume of crops for each customer can be produced and easily distributed to target regions.

Simple Scalability

IFarm sells and delivers its solutions internationally. Their equipment is modular, compact, and quickly assembled. The automation system is easily replicated and works autonomously, requiring minimum maintenance.

Individual Approach

The IT system and the modular structure of the production facilities allow iFarm to provide recipes for growing new crop varieties. It creates recipes based on the feedback and needs of the consumers. One can also choose the plants they wish to grow and can expand the product range over time.

iFarm - Uniq Stories
Source: iFarm


I-Farm Growtune uses a self-learning system that helps to constantly improve its algorithm. Data is collected from IoT devices, computer vision, production, and sales reports. It monitors lighting parameters, nutrient content, and concentration. It also spots inconsistencies in plant growth at a very early stage. It optimizes plant growth recipes and the net cost of the produce. The most exciting feature is that it alerts us about any deviations. Being affordable and flexible, iFarm is a fully automated process with turnkey solutions and it is directed towards vertical farm owners.

The iFarm vertical farm is a modular factory for urban indoor farming with technologies to grow healthy plants all year round without using pesticides. Automatic climate control, smart power control, and iFarm’s proprietary LED lighting ensures that the plants are provided with everything necessary for rapid growth. Hence, the crop ripens twice as fast as outdoors.

IFarm Cropper is a standalone module designed for retail chains and restaurants for private use. It ensures ideal conditions for growing and storing plants and herbs. Farm to fork distance is reduced to the minimum. Fresh greens grow in pots on several tiers. More than 10 types of plants and herbs can be delivered every two to three days from the distributed network of vertical farms.


IFarm was the winner of the Best Social Impact Startup in Nordic Startup Awards.

IFarm has won first place in the startup category in the UAE acceleration program, Innovate For Good.

IFarm is on the final list of “The Europas” – the premier award for Europe’s hottest tech startups in “The Hottest AgTech / Food Tech Startup of 2019” category.

IFarm has won third place in sustainable development and environmental protection in the Field Final of the first China Innovation and entrepreneurial competition.