Interactive Add-Ons Make TikTok’s In-Feed Ads More Visually Appealing

With In-Feed Ads, a few fresh interactive components will encourage greater creativity on the part of TikTok marketers.

There are a few brand-new Interactive Add-Ons available in TikTok’s “For Your Page” section. These new enhancements, which are accessible worldwide for In-Feed Ads, will be original creative touches that enable more distinctive, captivating advertisements.

There are two varieties of these new features: Standard and Premium. Standard Add-Ons are designed to “achieve lower-funnel marketing goals, such as generating clicks and conversions,” while Premium Ads work their way up the funnel to support “brand exposure and community growth,” according to TikTok.

Conversion, Reach & Frequency (Traffic, Video Views), and App downloads campaigns may all use the new Interactive Add-Ons.

High-End Add-Ons:

The following new components are aimed at the bottom funnel:

  • Pop-out Showcase: This picture component will appear above the advertisement and has the potential to generate text-based product clicks
  • Gesture: A user can interact to get reward credits in the “Gesture reward card” by tapping or swiping
  • Super Like 2.0: This will eventually enable even additional graphics, such as a pop-up card, to appear after a consumer likes an advertisement

Common Add-Ons:

The following new components are aimed at the mid-and upper funnel:

  • Display Card: Utilize a Display Card to visually present company messaging or offers that go beyond the confines of the typical card format
  • Gift Code Sticker: These could target the lower funnel compared to the TikTok update because viewers can click for a code and copy it prior to making a purchase
  • Voting Sticker: Utilize the community’s opinions by providing a voting sticker that has a classic appearance
  • Countdown Sticker: Add further details about impending releases or crucial dates to an advertisement

Why Do We Care?

These innovative new ad enhancers are a fantastic method to include interaction for more ad engagement. These new features will undoubtedly aid in that interaction since, in the words of TikTok, “viewers who have shared, liked, or commented on a TikTok brand video are 150% more likely to buy a product or service.”