Jewel Box By Arnav – Let Your Jewellery Speak!

Brand: Jewel Box by Arnav

Founder: Ashwini Oza & Chetan GR

Founding Date: 2001

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

For some people, jewellery is just an accessory that completes or complements their look. Still, for some, jewellery is a form of art and culture that helps you define and portray yourself in a charismatic way. When you give the right amount of significance and value, jewellery becomes an unavoidable part of your identity and persona. Hence jewellery designs should be unique and perfect to match every single person’s taste and desire.

Some may want to wear sparkly; some may wish to be modern yet elegant; some may want to wear colourful and loud. Even each occasion demands the person to wear a different kind of jewellery. You don’t expect everyone to wear the same amount of jewellery every day as on their wedding day. So although it is just jewellery, it has a different meaning each time. This diverse and unique nature of jewellery is what Jewel Box aims to outline.

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Source: Jewel Box By Arnav

What Is Jewel Box By Arnav?

Jewel Box by Arnav is a multi-designer jewellery shop that attributes the art and culture behind the simple art of wearing jewellery. They offer various ranges of silver, gold, diamond and metals, handcrafted and curated to meet all your needs. They have more than 30 most sought after jewellery brands and collections from all over India.

Don’t you always get confused when buying jewellery; you have to look at all of them before choosing the one you like. So Jewel Box does it for you and shows you the best jewellery from different collections for different occasions. Their main aim is to showcase the brilliant artisanship of local Indian designers so that more people can be brought into the system and even made famous.

A Blend Of Indian Culture & Modernism

India has a deep-rooted history with jewellery. And it has most definitely undergone many changes. So it is vital not to forget our rich culture when we try to turn modern. And essential cultural values is why the Jewel box by Arnav puts up a unique amalgamation of Indian culture and contemporary choices. They are constantly trying to deduct new ways of changing jewellery. However, in a way, we can still boast and explicit our Indian roots.

They are doing this by using glass, wood and steel to make jewellery, which is handy and sleek. It reduces the price compared to gold or diamond and makes us comfortable wearing them every day. Their designs, chosen by hand to suit the choices and the persona of modern independent women, are exquisite.

Uniq Stories - Jewel Box By Arnav
Source: Jewel Box By Arnav

Everything Under One Roof

Each one of us wants our jewellery to match the occasion or our mood or our favourite designer. Jewel Box by Arnav sorts everything out for you. The different filters available on the website assist you in reaching the kind of jewellery you require. You can shop based on the occasion, for example, a wedding or a cocktail party or an office meeting.

You can shop by designers like Aadikara, Arnav, Doodki, among others. And, one of the most exciting filters is Shopping from Instagram. Don’t you ever see a beautiful piece of jewellery and wonder, “oh, I want it”? That is precisely what Jewel Box does for you; you can easily choose from their Instagram account and buy it.

Changing The Definition Of Jewellery

With ever-changing times comes the desperate need to transform everything to cope with you and your needs. With modern women extending their voices and roles in every field, their choices are changing, so their conventional perception of jewellery should also change.

And Jewel Box by Arnav is doing its best to meet the demands of every woman and make them confident to celebrate womanhood. Their wide range of choices has a lot to offer for everyone. They offer worldwide shipping so that everyone can know and enjoy this fusion of Indian and modern culture.

So, don’t spend more time waiting around! You can shop at their store in Bangalore and choose your own, or you can purchase them online.