Jupiter – The 1st Digital Banking Experience Built For The Indian Audience!

Brand: Jupiter

Founder: Jitendra Gupta

Founding Date: 2019

Headquarters: MumbaiIndia

Industry: Banking & Finance

Hasn’t the world we live in evolved drastically?

The way we speak, eat, travel, and the shop has changed. The world has shrunk into a global village where everything is available at a click.

What about banking? How Will Jupiter Help Us?

If the new technology enables us with better transactions and provides advice on what we would like to do with our money, then why not adopt it? A simple, personalized, user friendly, and trustworthy banking experience is what we need. Jupiter money does exactly that.

Its a digital bank for consumers provides services, such as money transfers, cash withdrawal, savings account, NFC-enabled prepaid cards, and whatnot. Also, it offers a dashboard for monitoring transactions and viewing balance.

Jupiter Money - Uniq Stories
Source: Jupiter

Jupiter Money – India’s 1st only digital bank is a banking experience created for and dedicated to millennials. It aims to provide customized and trustworthy banking experiences to millennials that cater to all their financial needs on one platform so that they can focus on what is important for them. This works to enable and scale financial health by crafting products, services, and experiences that empower millennials to get more from their money and achieve their goals seamlessly.

Have you ever imagined that you will be able to track and manage your expenses by relaxing at home? Jupiter allows you to do that. It is building, improving, and growing through honest feedback and genius ideas. Through this, banking can be a wonderful experience for customers, their wallet, and their goals.

Every feature is built and centered around the problems one faces, why they exist, and their resolutions. Jupiter money works for its consumers and helps to provide nicer banking experiences.

As we go digital, a digital banking experience is a must. We can’t continue with messy paperwork, tedious branch visits, or sacrificed weekends. Isn’t it?

It not only allows you to track your money and understand it but also gives you helpful insights into where your money is going and how it is growing. Another important function is that it allows you to automatically set money aside every day, week, or month to turn your dreams into a breathtaking reality. It also gives you loans that are small in size, easy on your pocket, and flexible with repayments.

The Jupiter card has something really special. Every swipe and tap unlock deals and rewards customized to your personal life.

Jupiter Money - Uniq Stories
Source: Jupiter

India’s first digital-only bank understands the needs of young Indians and helps convert banking from a chore to an experience. Jupiter promises easy transactions, convenient banking, financial wellbeing, and simple money management. From opening an account in under 30 minutes to crafting the smoothest and most advanced banking experience, Jupiter provides it all.

Also, Jupiter believes in equality and provides equal opportunity to employers regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, or veteran status. It celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Jupiter is based out of Mumbai and Bengaluru in India and is owned by Amica Financial Technologies. Currently, it operates in stealth mode with a 50-member team. With the business model loosely based on UK-based digital mobile-only bank Monzo and Brazil’s new bank, it promises wonderful banking experiences.

Jupiter also has a public road-map where one can view, vote on, and track ideas from the community so that deserved ideas are seen. Finance seems to be a drag at times, sometimes uninteresting and monotonous. Jupiter aims to change that by providing insights on how to save more, spend smarter, and live bigger.

So what are you waiting for? Open your Jupiter account now!